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Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by TAL Software
TAL-NoiseMaker by TAL Software is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for macOS, Windows and Linux. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin, an AAX Plugin and a CLAP Plugin.
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TAL-NoiseMaker is an improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability. The synth also includes a small effect section with a reverb, chorus and a simple bit-crusher effect.

A display shows the knob and slider values. This allows more control over the synth. A ring-modulator and a syncable triangle are also part of this synth. TAL-NoiseMaker includes new filter types as the self resonating 6dB low pass and a notch filter. Its improved amplitude ADSR is very suitable for slow pads as for really fast envelopes.


  • 3 Oscillators:
    1. Osc 1, +- 24 semitones, fine tune, phase control (saw, pulse, noise).
    2. Osc 2, +- 24 semitones, fine tune, phase control (saw, rectangle, triangle, sine).
    3. Sub Osc (rectangle).
  • Osc 1 PM for pulse waveform.
  • Osc 2 FM controlled by Osc 1.
  • Osc 1 & Osc 2 sync to sub osc (saw, pulse, rectangle, triangle (bipolar sync)).
  • Adjustable master tune and transpose.
  • Up to 6 voices.
  • Portamento in mono and poly mode (off, auto, on).
  • Ringmod modulates Osc 1 with Osc 2.
  • Self resonating 4x oversampled filters (24 dB LP, 18 dB LP, 12 dB LP, 6 dB LP, 12 dB HP, 12 dB BP, Notch).
  • Filter ADSR (negative and positive).
  • Volume ADSR.
  • Routable ADSR, modulates Filter, Osc 1, Osc 2, PW, FM (negative and positive).
  • 2 LFOs with different running modes: free, sync to host, triggered by note.
    • Modulates filter, osc 1, osc 2, FM, PW, LFO rate, panorama and volume.
    • Sine, triangle, saw square, S&H, noise.
    • Positive and negative modulation.
    • Phase control.
  • Adjustable Velocity dependent control over volume filter contour and cutoff.
  • Adjustable Pitch Wheel control over Cutoff and Pitch.
  • One pole HP filter.
  • Detune, detunes notes randomly.
  • Juno chorus with different modes.
  • A built in reverb.
  • Bitcrusher, affects osc 1 and osc 2. Its a pre the filter stage effect.
  • MIDI learn for all knobs.
  • Panic button.
  • Easy to use, no hidden panels.
  • 128 presets (80 Presets by Frank "Xenox" Neumann / Particular - Sound).

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.50 from 6 reviews

Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
August 23rd, 2020

Nice interface, good FX selection (chorus, delay, reverb, bitcrusher), my go-to for pads and leads. Where it falls down is bass sounds imo, lacking a square waveform.

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Reviewed By papwalker
October 7th, 2018

A nice all round subtractive synth.

A light workhorse with lots of sound potential.

An excellent synth for beginners with similarities to Juno.

You wont be dissapointed in TAL stuff.

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Reviewed By OllyAudio
October 7th, 2018

This synthesizer has a very good sound. Excellent modulation unit. I get pleasure when I work with him.
Unpredictability is of interest. The bass, effects and modulated sounds work well in the synthesizer.

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July 31st, 2018

Quality of filters is so high i often find myself stoping top rated commercial ones to try how same track will sounds with TAL NoiseMaker.There is limitations but where sit well, actually can sit better than some of most respected VST synths.

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Reviewed By Sendy
January 23rd, 2011

One of my favourite freeware VST synths, Noisemaker is a solid sounding little workhorse that I have come to love. The sound of the oscs, filters and envelopes, combined with a simple but well rounded feature set, are what makes this unique.

Noisemaker is pretty much a standard synth on paper. It has two oscillators and a sub-osc square. It has all the VA waveform shapes. You can do PWM on the pulse wave, oscillator sync on the sawtooth, pulse and triangle wave. You can ringmodulate between the oscillators, and do FM. Combining ringmod, FM, sync AND PWM can get some pretty wild results!

But this is nothing we haven't seen before. What keeps me coming back to it is the chunky sound. Yes, it is chunky. I've been working on submissions for the factory presets in the next update (look out for those!) and in doing so have created a whole slew of rasping, blocky, juicy, bulky synthsounds. This is what Noisemaker does best, at least in my hands.

Some of the more interesting features are a tempo synched, multi-stage envelope that you can design visually, the 6db resonant filter which is positively grimey, the strange sync behaviour of the triangle waveform, which creates a strange harmonic 'pinging' as it sweeps through zero-crossings, and the built in effects (I particularly think the reverb melds well with the overall sound). There are even two types of noise source, the 'noise' oscillator shape, and the 'vintage noise' you can dial in in the control panel, which is more subtle and quite lovely IMO.

The drawbacks, there are a few. Not too few to mention, either ;). Modulation is limited, though you get a decent amount of options. The chorus effects are all-or-nothing deals (two algorhythms) and subsequently a bit heavy handed for many applications. Likewise, the bit crusher lacks control, it is sweepable but the action is mostly at one end of the dial. Modwheel and pitchbend routings are very limited (pitch, filter, volume), and there's no way to make modwheel vibrato (a real shame given that I love this as a lead synth). At least we have midi learn, which can provide workarounds to the creative mind...

Overall, with it's bold, simple interface and chunky, addictive sound, Noisemaker is a must have for anyone who enjoys classic synth sounds. And it's free ;)
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Comments & Discussion for TAL Software TAL-NoiseMaker

Discussion: Active
5 October 2012 at 9:31am


9 December 2012 at 2:25am

I've searched the web and can't find an answer so am posting here. Has anyone had a problem when using TAL Noisemaker as a VST instrument in a DAW - and not been able to change the track volume? I'm using Acid Pro 7 and the volume slider will not change the volume of the TAL plugin. I can move the DAW slider all the way to 0 and TAL still plays at same volume regardless. Kontact Player is responsive works fine. I've searched quite a bit on web but can't find much discussion of this so I'm guessing it's rare, but all I can find is somebody else on an Acid board saying they have a TAL plug that doesn't respond to volume either.

19 January 2013 at 1:24pm

I'm having trouble importing .fxb banks into NoiseMaker v3.21. I'm using Reaper in Win7/64x and the error message says "This file is for a newer version of this effect". Any ideas if the problem is with Reaper or NoiseMaker?

echo fetish
echo fetish
2 March 2013 at 11:49am

The only synth I'm using at the moment and I still haven't a clue how to tame this beast. Yee Haaa.

8 December 2016 at 5:35pm

I fell in love with this amazing, amazing synth a couple of years ago. It never stops surprising me. I've managed to produce some of the most beautiful instruments with this--way beyond arps and bass patches. It's used in nearly every track of my new album--more than any other instrument. Those fuzzy, eerie, melancholy leads...

TAL Noisemaker featured on these tracks:
01 Namaqua
02 Everything You See Is You
04 Redstone
05 Obsolete Advancements
06 Ciskei
09 Machine Learning
10 My Friend Was Joe
11 Escarpment At Pella.

Album sampler here:

Thanks TAL for making this thing. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to use.

13 June 2018 at 8:50am

Agree totaly with that.

7 February 2018 at 1:50pm

Many thanks.

1 August 2018 at 7:41pm

This plugin really needs bigger (and commercial) brother.

4 August 2018 at 5:15pm

I don't like modular synths, sorry. But sounds great.

4 August 2018 at 10:54pm

Um, I guess you don't have to use the patch cables. I don't really like virtual patch cables but it's easier to visualize the routing. Noisemaker's LFOs AD and envelope editor are basically modular. MOD is not that much different in it's layout really.

3 March 2019 at 3:49pm

Thank you for synth. But there is dll v.4.2.2.

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