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Best Audio and MIDI Software - KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2021

The results are in! We are very excited to present to you the winners of the 2021 KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards!

As ever, lots of great choices, including several repeat winners!

Congratulations to all the winners and huge thanks to every KVR member who took the time to nominate and vote.

Read the full winners announcement at kvraudio.com/best-audio-and-midi-software---2021-kvr-readers-choice-awards-winners

KVR Readers Choice 2021 Badge

Favorite Developer

Favorite Developeru-he

Favorite Audio Software

Favorite Audio SoftwareREAPER
by Cockos

Favorite DAW For Production

Favorite DAW For ProductionCubase
by Steinberg

Favorite DAW for Performance

Favorite DAW for PerformanceLive
by Ableton

Favorite Audio Editor

Favorite Audio EditorRX
by iZotope

Favorite Software for Notation / Scoring

Favorite Software for Notation / ScoringNotion
by PreSonus

Favorite Virtual Instrument

Favorite Virtual InstrumentOmnisphere
by Spectrasonics

Favorite Sample Platform

Favorite Sample PlatformKontakt
by Native Instruments

Favorite Soft Synth

Favorite Soft SynthPigments
by Arturia

Favorite Sampled Virtual Instrument

Favorite Sampled Virtual InstrumentBBC Symphony Orchestra
by Spitfire Audio

Favorite Orchestral Virtual Instrument

Favorite Orchestral Virtual InstrumentBBC Symphony Orchestra
by Spitfire Audio

Favorite Guitar Virtual Instrument

Favorite Guitar Virtual InstrumentMODO Bass
by IK Multimedia

Favorite Drum Virtual Instrument

Favorite Drum Virtual InstrumentSuperior Drummer
by Toontrack Music

Favorite MPE Virtual Instrument

Favorite MPE Virtual InstrumentPigments
by Arturia

Favorite Keyboard Virtual Instrument

Favorite Keyboard Virtual InstrumentPianoteq
by Modartt

Favorite World/Ethnic Virtual Instrument

Favorite World/Ethnic Virtual InstrumentChromaphone
by Applied Acoustics Systems

Favorite Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Virtual Effect ProcessorPro-Q 3
by FabFilter

Favorite Reverb Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Reverb Virtual Effect ProcessorValhallaVintageVerb
by Valhalla DSP

Favorite Dynamics Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Dynamics Virtual Effect ProcessorPro-C 2
by FabFilter

Favorite Mastering Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Mastering Virtual Effect ProcessorOzone
by iZotope

Favorite Guitar Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Guitar Virtual Effect ProcessorAmpliTube
by IK Multimedia

Favorite Multi FX Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Multi FX Virtual Effect ProcessorSoundToys
by Soundtoys

Favorite Free Virtual Instrument

Favorite Free Virtual InstrumentVital
by Matt Tytel

Favorite Free Virtual Effect Processor

Favorite Free Virtual Effect ProcessorValhallaSupermassive
by Valhalla DSP