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Ample Sound

Tech-Born Music

Ample Sound (Beijing Ample Sound Technology Co. Ltd), founded by Kane Kang, Shaoduo Xie and Jie Chen in 2011, is devoted to music technology products development.

The philosophy of Ample Sound:

  1. Simulation system: Emphasis on the overall concept, base on system and interaction design, technology, giving more musical. we strive to reproduce playing of real instruments.
  2. Innovative design: With spirit of the original, We are creating a new design concept, which is the one that other normal instrument plug-ins and library can't do.
  3. Intelligent technology: We make our products automation and intelligent. All the things such like instruments playing rules, making MIDI humanize are achieved by software, the only thing you need to do is care about your music, feeling high work efficiency.
  4. High quality of samples: In order to get high quality and no FX processing - Green samples to our customers, we choose the traditional and classical way to record the instrument.
  5. Attention to detail:We spare no effort to work on each pixel, each code, each sample like working for our own family.

Products by Ample Sound

Latest reviews of Ample Sound products

Reviewed By jocphx
February 27, 2021

Astounding! Ample Sound made a great set of plugins, with tons of features and articulations. They all sound fantastic! The free versions are amazing.

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Reviewed By paulwhitesos
July 5, 2019

I have only used Cloudrum in Logic Pro but it seems perfectly stable and sounds rather good. I actually have a tuned tongue drum but for background parts Cloudrum is very convenient and I've already used it on some of the new Cydonia Collective tracks we're working on. Add a bit of reverb and you're in hippy heaven! It responds to velocity in a realistic way and has various random/round robin options to keep repeated notes sounding natural. A lot to like.

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Reviewed By Gabriel_West
January 14, 2018

Currently the best free VST Acoustic Guitar around the web with a very nice interface.

and lots of customizable settings .

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Reviewed By Rakbeatzz
December 4, 2017

Needs an update immediately.

The sound is great but the notes sometimes sustain on their own, seriously spikes audio meters in Logic pro X (10.3.2 with 32GB of ram). This happens constantly if more than 4 notes in a chord are played. The bridge pickup is as expected given the type of instrument that the Telecaster is, and again sounds great but it has been way too long for AmpleSound not to revisit this plugin with an update. This would be such a great guitar if AmpleSound put a bit more care into it.

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Reviewed By AoPenguix
June 1, 2016

very good budget guitar. I needed some time to get used to the CapoMan (hand simulation) though. Also as any other Ample Sound guitars this plugin doesn't like bridging and crashes my FL Studio in the moment I touch bender or doesn't load at all but it is available in 32 and 64-bit versions so this in no problem. I'm also experiencing a guitar holding notes on its own during chord playback sometimes.

Great things about this instrument - it uses very little RAM. Has stereo doubling with regulation of width. Auto or manual vibrato with mod wheel, Solo mode.

I can't compare it with other guitars because I don't own any but I'm pleased with this plugin.

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Reviewed By watermaj
December 22, 2014

Man, This is one beautiful guitar VST - the samples are magnificent and the interface is terrific. Really inspires creativity for this keyboardist who always wanted to be a guitarist.

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Reviewed By JBlongz
August 30, 2013

This a great sounding guitar, definitely worth the money. I could play it all day. There are many feature available for the expert who wants to dig deep.

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