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Audiority provides high quality audio plugins, soundbanks and sample libraries.

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I'm not a fan most of the free amp sims on the market, but this is a notable exception. I heard demos of the Marshall Lead 12 amp and was really taken with it (video below). When the L12X was released, I didn't realize it was a copy of the Marshall Lead 12 or else hadn't been exposed to the real one yet. I just tested this plugin and it warmed my heart. It's dry as dirt when you load it, so of course add some room verb if you want to experience it in a room and rival the sound in the real amp demo. But the distortion quality of this amp sim, even on the default setting, impressed me immediately.


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Tube Modulator
Reviewed By Zarcxxx
November 11, 2020

Honestly one of the best sounding modulation. Love the univibe effect which you dont find so commonly. This is the best bang for your buck.

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Reviewed By cybergenic
October 27, 2020

A quirky little delay - has all the potential required to get some crazy spaces happening.

Does not seem too heavy on CPU MACMINI 2018.

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Distortion 1
Reviewed By cybergenic
October 27, 2020

Great sounding - goto distortion.

Works well on everything from guitar/bass to synth and drum machines for crunch.

Actually sounds better than the original BOSS pedal which I have.

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Harmonic Maximizer
Reviewed By GRUMP
December 13, 2019

There it is. This little Tool brings Brilliance, Presence, Warmth to the Sound (if you focus on the high end). It is just what I was looking for. I simply love it. Its easy to handle but offers a big Variety of Sounds.

It is no EQ - although it has Frequency and Gain Amount, too. It sounds completely different, a lot "smoother", creamy.

The briliant thing about it is, that you have Control over the Frequency Bands in Combination with a gentle Saturation ("warmer") and a Limiter/Maximizer that lifts the Amplitudes.

You can easily get a Tape Feeling by boosting the "high" Gain a little bit. There's a lot of "Air" in this little Thing.

THX to the Dev. You have saved me lots of time.

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Reviewed By n2077
August 2, 2018

Wow this reverb is something else, its phenomenal for sound design but also a superb reverb with heavenly shimmer effect, I have yet to try out the echo section more but for now putting it one a synth and just going through the presets and twisting some knobs gives me instant great result. This is my first plugnin from auditory, and they seem to do a exceptional job updating their plugins, every update seems to add more stuff to the table.

Lovely sound
Possiblity to go very in depth.

Sound is lovely but still a bit grainy
can get bit out of control.

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Tube Modulator
Reviewed By PierreJoseff
May 19, 2018

I use it very often with zero modulations only to get through and colored the sound, it's amazing ! The GUI is great.

It only misses an output gain..

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I tried this out but it doesn't appeal to me much.

There's a huge GR meter in the middle of the GUI but it only applies to the amount reduced by softclipping. If you were using this for mastering you would probably avoid the softclipping, so most users are just going to find that GR meter a waste of space. Also the needle on the thing is slower than a snail so it's pretty useless even if you go for the softclipping.

There's no bypass on the GUI. The speed/resolution dial doesn't seem to work properly when you bypass via the daw. So that's another irritation.

The transient process sounds decent, it has two hipass filters that can be optionally applied, haven't seen this before. However, it doesn't really do anything special and can't give extreme sounds. If I wanted a quick light transient shaper I would probably go to Bittersweet by Flux.

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