I've been at this thing of making noise for a long time. Grew up around music and it just was natural that I convinced my best friend to buy an Arp Axxe...and since then (nearly 40 years ago...) I've been down the rabbit hole since.

While I fell into the 'in the box' music making scene around 1994, (started with a 5MHz ATT 8086 running Voyetra Sequencer Gold) for me- much has finally fallen into place as far as workflow and transparency only within in the last few years. That is to say, what I would *like* to be able to do in terms of the available digital audio tools is now totally possible to do!.

Now- either my ears are old enough not to be able to hear the difference OR software instruments are finally able to nicely emulate hardware with a degree of warmth and character that does not feel cold or plasticky! in any case- I'm still having a blast beta testing from time to time and otherwise, making soundsets and presets for others to use in some of these amazing effects and synths we have at our disposal these days;].

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