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CMusic Production is a maker of sample libraries and virtual instruments. CMusic Production was created to make your compositions sound more real, with interesting sound and high quality. We'll do the experimenting, and you can try out the results and share your feedback and suggestions.
We hope to be in close contact with our customers and that together we'll have great results.
Your CMusic Production.

Products by Cmusic Production

Latest reviews of Cmusic Production products

SOLO Trumpet I
Reviewed By The Translator
August 8th, 2017

This has certainly become a mature highly-versatile feature-rich instrument. Unlike-and IMHO-most other contemporary brass sample libraries, there is no need to load multiple instruments-or instances of the same instrument - to access this amount of included articulations and additional features - usually far fewer - thereby eliminating the headache of unmatched sample levels, tones and timbres etc. The well laid out GUI makes accessing all features a breeze. Kudos to the team at CMusic Production. Their products just keep getting better - without massive price increases.

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SOLO Flugelhorn
Reviewed By The Translator
March 13th, 2017

CMusic Productions have released another winner. This time it is a Solo Flugelhorn Library.

Although not an instrument currently in the forefront of "pop" music, a brief foray into the music of artists such as Chuck Mangione, Art Farmer and Joe Bishop will provide abundant reasons to love this instrument if you don't already. Its ability to produce smokey, silky-smooth tones can make the film/game composer's work of searching for that "right" instrument to create a sensual or laid-back mood for their movie/game scene easy.

CMusic Pro's engineers have captured an ambient sound that is - for lack of better terms - clean and real. I appreciate the developers not overly processing the finished samples (unlike many virtual instrument libraries) thereby allowing you to craft your finished composition with your own plugin effects in whatever way you desire. That being said, they have included six types of convolution reverb with variations of each, that will suitably "embellish" the signal should you so desire.

If you already own any of its predecessors, Solo Flugelhorn Library's straight-forward GUI and functionality will be familiar and as ever, happily user-friendly. The generously-sampled library includes a plethora of essential articulations that will enable even the "creatively-challenged" to construct believable, realistic-sounding flugelhorn compositions.

This is another fine addition for any musician's toolbox. If you are looking to create something with a "smooth vibe" I highly recommend this. As with its CMusic Productions' musical stablemates, it is pretty much without peer in the virtual instrument realm - especially at this price-point. If you don't have this and/or some of its mates (I'm really fond the Solo Alto Sax) - especially in view of CMusic Pro's frequent generous sales promotions, its almost inexcusable.

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