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Free Windows VST plugins (32 and 64-bit).

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Reviewed By elviecho
July 31, 2020

Perfect for all the non-instrumentalists out there...like me, enables us to improvise without producing wrong tones that let your ears bleed.
And like the other great CodeFN42 plugins (Chordz, Random Arp etc.) it is free!
Get Cales and Chordz and pretend beeing a musician!;-)

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Reviewed By Jopmanajop
November 24, 2018

Wow, that's really impressive! Easy to use, so much fun. You can easily dive in without reading manual or figuring out all these incredible functions. Instrument for uncontrollable melodic mess. It took me just several minutes to fall in love with this little tool. And it's for free, i can't believe that. Endless possibilities and fun. With "random" and "probability" it is easy to go from generic pattern to complete chaos, in any preferable key. It's like you're not writing music anymore with this "bots and obstacles" window, just playing fun game. I love it.

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Reviewed By kingfear
November 9, 2018

I use this for not it's intended purpose, but as a random midi-gate. With proper settings, you can get only 20% notes through, or whatever you might need. It's not really meant for that so there's few caveats, as in you need to define the note length which also happens to define the frequency of the "gate". So it's not going to rally match your incoming notes perfectly.

But it's extremely lightweight, does something that I haven't found anything else to do. Except Hypercyclic which is unstable & available only as 32-bit -- also is way more random. Actually to be honest, I am not sure it even can do the same thing... but I am erring on the side of caution. I seem to recall it tends to prefer adding random notes instead of working like a gate.

But RandArp also works as a random arp, as intended. But I never use it as such.

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Reviewed By inkwarp
March 6, 2015

these are amazing plugins for anyone working with MIDI a lot, and just what i have been looking for. i have already made some great melodic tune-age today with Chordz but i urge everyone interested to go to their website and check out their other plugins. great stuff. (oh and it's all free!)

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Reviewed By No_Uhe_in_my_machine
March 5, 2015

As owner of the Xfer Cthulhu, I must say I got admired with this one. The way that the notes and chords are organized are great, and there's also the option to create and save you owns.

Now this is very good. I mean, this is free, and you can't beat the price on this.

Nobody can say that is limited, as I already referrer I got myself a copy of Cthulhu, and I love it.

This just got my attention for the name, but after using it, this thing got me.

Versatile, easy to use and setup, well organized, and haves a friendly GUI too.

A good find, and the developer also have some nice tools too on the page.

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