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Reviewed By capracan
February 19, 2021

Its one of the best Multi FX on market...but i still missing the Reverb FX Slot;).

So please add a Reverb Effect.


Read Review

Reviewed By 2NDMOUSE
April 24, 2011

I love this machine !
I've literally sat for hours , clicking random on the sound sources i fed it , and combined it with other VST effects , in order to build a catalogue of one-shots and assembly parts which I then rearrange and process further.
I've fed it everything from vocals to restaurant ambience and I'm always amazed at the results it spits back at me.
There was a tendency to overuse it and the ring modulation was a dead giveaway , but used subtley , this is one awesome little machine and should feature in any sound enthusiasts sonic arsenal. It's essential.Read Review

Reviewed By Sendy
October 20, 2010

Speaking as someone who has been 'chopping up beats' since the early nineties starting on the Amiga, and that has spent many hours painstakingly sifting through the peaks and troughs looking for the perfect splice point, Glitch is a freeware godsend propelling the art of glitchy beats into new territory.

What this thing does is chop incoming audio (often drums/breakbeats, but frequently just about anything these days) into 16ths or similarly musical divisions and apply high quality mangling FX to each one based on both user controlled sequencing and random probability.

Whilst this thing does mean that anyone can create funky fills, effect windows and IDM-isms with little to no talent, it also affords glitch enthusiasts and those looking for creative FX use a head start, by providing the most popular effects used for classical beat mangling - retriggering, timestretching, delays, modulation, bitcrushery, etc can all be added to any part of an audio stream with ease, with lots of parameters for each effect, and multimode filters are EVERYWHERE in the signal path, such as on every single effect path, the master section etc..

Personally, I do generally prefer the hands-on approach to editing takes in a wave editor, but I will often use Glitch to provide either an initial pushing-off point for creativity, or for a final layer of subtle complexity (or complex subtlety). If you're going to let Glitch do the work, don't give up your dayjob as you'll sound like anyone else who can download and install Glitch, but it provides the basis for many interesting experiments.

By soloing an effect such as the stretcher and selecting 1/8th or 1/4 sections of audio, you can mass produce a bunch of crazy samples or drum edits, record it all, and sift through it later to provide food for drum/glitch sequences. This to me is where Glitch gets the most use. Once I loaded 10 instances of glitch and manually set each channel up to do an effect I like, set up the random probabilities to my liking and played a drum loop through it for ten minutes. I got some priceless material that way.

Another way to use Glitch involves using it as a send effect to add subtle repeats, chorusing, and 'ghosting' of parts under the main mix. Whilst Glitch represents the ultimate in banal automated washed out IDM crap, it also represents the ultimate in audio experimentation, ease of creativity and imagination empowerment. Truly, Glitch is limited only by your own imagination - use it wisely!

DOWNSIDES - This is freeware, and as I've said, an EXTREMELY generous giveaway, but I missed the following things:

1 - support for non 4/4 based time sigs (though if you use it for sampling this doesn't matter)

2 - I really wanted a way to randomize the effect parameters every bar or 8 bars or something, to add even more variation. But what the hell, you can automate it, so it's no biggie. It just felt like this feature should be there, given all the other features it has along a similar line.

Apart from these details, a perfect piece of software.Read Review

Reviewed By Cybernetika
July 26, 2008

I decided to write my first review on a product that truly stands out, something I use all the time yet it is offered completely free of charge. If any product deserves a review, its dblue glitch.

dblue.glitch is a machine that was probably designed to do insane beat chopping FX with just a few mouse clicks. If you listened to Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and stuff like that, you'll be interested in glitch for its abilities to turn anything you feed into it into sliced and mangled, organized chaos. Maybe this is not your thing, but I'm pretty sure you encountered the situation where you want to make a nice fill, or add just a little unpredictability to your music. Thats the point where you will be loving glitch too. All producers I worked with have used this baby in at least one of their tracks, some in an obvious way, some for more subtle effects.

Glitch has 9 completely different sounding effects built in that are triggered on and off in a programmed sequence. Among these effects you can find ringmodulator, timestretcher, reverser and bitcrusher, and each of them has their own parameters.

Sounds like a really complicated and sophisticated machine doesn't it? But actually, it is without doubt the most intuitive glitchmachine I ever encountered. Right when you start it up, it starts mangling your sound in a random, yet rythmic way. How is that possible? Well, in the upper middle of the plugin window you can find the heart: the sequence in which your effects are enabled, up to a length of 4 bars. You can choose to trigger just one effect, or you can tell the program to enable a randomly picked effect. To top it off you can even randomize the pattern. No sequence will ever sound the same, and if things get too weird, you can always use one of the presets which will bring a certain rythm to the pattern. So I guess it is fair to say that glitch has completely changed the workflow for creating rythmic sequences of effects. Programming them is no longer a pain in the rear, and thanks to the randomizer buttons, being lazy can lead to quick success as well.

Then you can tweak your FX one by one. Glitch is 9 FX in one and each of them sounds great, yet completely different from the others. I often find myself using just one of the FX in solo mode. When you tweak the settings, each of these FX can produce whole new results. For example the shuffler set to length 4 with maximum "repeat" brings my drums an instant techno-like 1/4 bar loop character, or if I turn the reverser interval to its minimum, I get basically a granular tone. Alone these 2 FX, my favourites along with the ringmodulator, would be worth spending money on. And each of the FX has a few important parameters that can be randomized again. Dblue concentrated on parameters that drastically change the character of an FX here, and that was a great decision, it keeps the GUI (which is a masterpiece in usability I might add) focused on the most important things.
Finally, you can look at the top of the plugin window, where you can control the overall random amount of glitch. This parameter is great for those who want to add a bit of subtle randomness to their track. You have a knob for removing unwanted artifacts, a master envelope, distortion and filter, again proving that almost everything about this machine is extremely well thought out.

Last words: The greatest advantage of glitch is the organization of chaos. There are quite a few "glitch" plugins that bring utter chaos to your sound, but it does not sound rythmic at all. Glitch is the first one to organize that chaos for you. This baby is recommended to any producer, especially the more experimental ones, but also those who want to add a little spice to their tracks with subtle randomness. I mean, how can you ever regret a 500kb download? The user interface is one of the best I've ever encountered, the documentation is good, the stability is awesome, CPU usage is low, and the sound of it is original and quality. Awesome plugin!Read Review

Reviewed By Cyberwave
October 14, 2007

Glitch, by Dblue is a free effect plugin that is one of my favorites. Before glitch, if I wanted to glitch/mix loops I'd have to slice em, and do it all manually. But this is a gift from the Glitch gods. Amazingly easy to use, and very nice souding. Definately worth downloading.

Really clear, easy to figure out GUI. Colors,
plenty of things to play around with each adding to your glitched up mix.

Sounds great- depending on what ever loop/sample you have. The plugin has plenty of filters and effects. Delay, reverb, modulation, etc. Each effect is unique, and can easily be changed. Of course things will sound a bit random, but it's glitch!

Definately offers more than you would expect. It would take forever to edit/program loops, samples and other things to get them to sound a certain way- but with this, you can do it all and more in just seconds.

The website has 2 documentations for v1.2 and v1.3 and each has plenty of answers to your questions and explains everything perfectly.

Technically doesn't contatin actuall presents, but the effects, and feautures might fit into this. Both great.


No problems what-so-ever. The cpu usage isn't too great, but not that bad either.

Overall, this has to be one of the best plugins- if not the best, for making glitch/idm/breakbeat or just adding some spice to your loops. Download this! It is amazing!Read Review

Reviewed By MoreDread
March 30, 2007

(sorry for bad english)
This is the ultimate tool to spice up your drums a bit, or to totally fuck them up. Nine highly tweakable effect modules, which can be triggered with the build in sequencer (adjustable steplength).

The user interface is gorgeous, and everything is neatly arranged, perfectly read- and accessible.

This is everything but a one-trick-pony. You can use it slightly on your drums, to bring a little variation and some interesting aspects in your drumloop, or you can turn them into a sonic mayhem, by simply hitting all the randomize buttons you can find (but, be careful with randomizing the modulator, you can get some painful high sounds by doing it).
If you are feeling more experimental, you could also try to use glitch on your vocals, pads, leads.. to get again some interesting aspects or turning them to something totally wicked.
There are even parameters that will affect the behaviour of glitch's randomizing option, so it will never get boring simply hitting the randomize buttons, although this effect is unbelievable cooler if you invest a little time (very little, actually. I figured out everything pretty fast) in learing how the modules work, so you can manually tweak them, and get far more satisfiying and interesting results.
Midilearn is also available for most of the controls, so you can add even more variety to it when playing live..

I never really looked into the documentation (it was not necessary), but yes, there is one, and it looks pretty good.

As for the presets, there are non, but you dont really need any. How can anybody know what effects you will need on which step?
But, there are some templates for the step sizes, which is pretty helpful, and, you can randomize them, if you are too lazy to come up with something yourself, and edit them till you are satisfied.

I never had to use customer support, but there is e-mail support offered at the website.

Value for Money: I want to give Glitch at least a 12 for it's VAL, as it is something completely ingenious and unique, and, best of all, free.

Stability: It never crashed my machine.

My advice would be you simply grab Glitch and try it out yourself, since it is free it won't hurt you, and i believe there is a great possibillity you will like it.Read Review

Reviewed By Steven West
January 5, 2007

I highly advise this effect for experimental to high end production work. From any one to all of it's supplied effects are intuitive and easy to set and sequence. Plus the sound and handling of them each and all are simply superb. Flange's to delays - tape stops to buffer repeats, and more!

The latest version (1.3.04) works great in Orion Platinum 7 as well.

The only downside is the sequencing blocks and durations are a bit tricky to lay in if using off beat placements or durations.

But aside from that small gripe, everything else is well laid out, and offers infinate possibilities for anything from drums and synths to guitars and vocal tracks. Plus, re-mixers could no doubt use this to no end on full mixes. A fantastic effect for any genre or taste.

As for manuals and customer support - I feel quilty to give DB low-ish ratings below. But in all honesty, I haven't had to look at the manual, nor contact DB yet. So I don't want to give high or low ratings in this regard, but hopefully a fair and impartial 'don't know' rating.

Same for 'presets', as I think this is primarily up to the user to fashion for their own music. It could be possible to have a wealth of presets to choose from grouped into 2, 4, 8 measures and so on. But I for one would probably wish to modify one or two things for my own music if so offered. And again, the implementation and fine detailing for user preferences is easy and quick enough - whether one knows what they're doing or not.

Glitch will ALWAYS offer excitement and inspiration.Read Review

Reviewed By AaronGNP
January 4, 2007

Great plug in for automating glitch and IDM type sounds. The default effects are all pretty useful and extremely tweakable. The user interface is clean and extremely easy to navigate. There are a few elements that could be improved upon (restart loop/pattern upon midi note (pattern) change, as an example), but overall is very easy to use and makes glitching out a song very easy. Low CPU load is a plus and allows the end user to run multiple instances very easily. The addition of some presets on knob positions would be nice, but seeing as how easy it is to change the settings, it's not a deal breaker.

I've been using this since the 1.2 Betas, and the jump to 1.3 is pretty large, but it's unfortunate that if you wrote any songs using the 1.2.x versions, they would not be compatible with the 1.3.x versions, and would require that you have two versions of the VST for backwards compatibility.

Layering several instances of Glitch in an effect channel can produce some bizarre and mindblowing effects.

This is a must have for anyone making glitch/IDM/noise.Read Review

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