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MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.6.24 and releases MuLab 8 Free


MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-in to version 8.6.24 and has released MuLab 8 Free.

What's New
The Event Graph Editor now also supports editing Poly Pressure. Besides selecting Poly Pressure from the selector menu, there are 3 new shortcut functions:

  • Edit All Velocities = Switches the graph lane to show all velocities.
  • Edit Focused Key Velocities = Switches the graph lane to show the velocities of the currently selected key. (e.g. handy for drum sequences).
  • Edit Focused Key Poly Pressure = Switches the graph lane to show poly pressure of the currently selected key.

On top of these there also is an "Auto Follow Key" mode that auto switches the graph lane to show the relevant velocities / poly pressure. You can toggle this "Auto Follow Key" mode via a right-click on the graph lane header. Toggling that auto mode can also be done using a shortcut key to "Toggle Auto Follow Focused Key".

Other changes:

  • Streaming audio files with a different samplerate than the current samplerate and with a data format different from 16-bit integer or 32-bit float did not properly work. Fixed.
  • When consolidating an audio sequence part, the audio lane mute/solo didn't work anymore. Fixed.
  • Zooming into an audio stream part could sometimes result in an incorrect empty waveform. Fixed.
  • When using many shortcuts some menus could popup slower. Fixed.
  • Sample displays: With very short samples (below 1000 samples) the Start/Loop/End sliders didn't work as expected. Fixed.
  • Sample Section Player -> Set Interpolation Mode did not work via a shortcut. Fixed.
  • The "Drag Parameter" function did not work via a shortcut. Fixed.
  • Monitoring keys of a multi-sample did not use the "Preview Monitor" rack if one exists. Fixed.
  • Mapping a meta-parameter to a module inside the Modular Feedback Delay could cause incorrect behavior. Fixed.
  • Live MIDI input: When note on and note off events arrive at the exact same time it could be that their order was switched. Fixed.
  • Sometimes monitoring audio was routed directly to audio out instead of Preview Monitor rack. Fixed.
  • In some cases the full zoom out (aka Overview) editor functions were not working correct from the first time, they needed a double trigger. Fixed.
  • New shortcut options for scrolling and zooming editors.
  • Other mini improvements.

Parallel to this update there also is the release of MuLab 8 Free.

MuLab 8 Free is a free version of MuLab 8, with certain limitations compared to the full version, but is a fully functional creative tool.



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