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MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.7.6


MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-in to version 8.7.6.

What's changed:

  • Fixed an unintended nearing expiration issue.
  • Added support for importing / exporting FLAC files.
  • New "Note Key Zone Splitter" module.
  • New "Note On Upon Note Off" module.
  • New "Note Length Modifier" module which lets you control the length (= note-on and note-off pairs) of note events.
  • New "MIDI Controller Event Pad" module that can generate a CC event upon note-on and another CC event upon note-off. It can also be triggered from the GUI.
  • Sequence Player: Improved behavior when used inside a PolySynth.
  • Improved the Create New Grid popup menu.
  • Custom Grids: Now supports creating a custom grid from a sequence.
  • Custom Grids: Now supports drag-drop of a sequence part on the grid editor.
  • MIDI Controller Event Pad: Module could not yet be added to a MUX front panel. Fixed.
  • MIDI Controller Event Pad: When changing 'Mode' while latch was on, the GUI did not properly follow. Fixed.
  • When modulating a gain parameter at audio rate, but the modulator was switched off, this could lead to incorrect behavior. Fixed.
  • You can now drag-drop an audio part on a sample display. That will reuse the audio stream as a sample.
  • The Sample -> Replace function did not update the new sample name. Fixed.
  • When using multi-timbral instruments, the live MIDI input channel was not properly restored after reloading the project. Fixed.
  • Alt+click a slider or knob now purely sets it to its default value.
  • Parameter sliders and knobs: Context menu now includes "Reset Value" to set the slider/knob to its default value. (e.g. reset a gain slider to 0 dB).
  • MuLab for Mac: On Mojave and up, MuLab couldn't access the microphone due to the new MacOS privacy rules. This update now includes support for this microphone privacy setting.
  • Mac: Command+drag to copy parts or events did not properly work anymore but popped up a context menu. Fixed.
  • The Note Event Pad now also supports Latch mode: The first note-on will cause a note-on, the second note-on will cause a note-off.
  • Editing tempo changes did not take the time signature into account. Fixed.

All details and downloads on MuTools.com



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