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MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.8.6


MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-in to version 8.8.6.

What's changed:

  • Modular Area: New "Put Selection Into New MUX" function.
  • MUX 8 Plugin now has 2 new functions: "Load Plugin Project" and "Save Plugin Project".
    These allow to load/save the plugin data independent of the host project.
    These functions will also help upgrading to the forthcoming MuLab 9 Plugin as MuLab 9 Plugin can open such MUX 8 Plugin project files.
  • MuLab -> Tools menu now also has "Upgrade Rack Presets".
  • MuLab -> Tools menu now also has "Upgrade Other Presets" to upgrade preset files like Multi-Samples, Oscillator Layer Setups, Time Grids, Multi-Point Envelopes, Wave Shapes, ...
  • Choose New Part Type dialog: Fine-tuned the usage of preferred user colors.
  • Improved support for sequencer-type VST plugins. Eg. now FL Studio Plugin plays as expected inside MuLab.
  • Windows: Copy-pasting audio now uses the OS clipboard. This has the advantage that audio can now be easily copy-pasted from MuLab to other audio apps and vice versa.
  • Sample selector: When the clipboard contains audio, sample selector fields now also include "Paste New".
  • Sample editor: Context menu now includes "Paste Audio". The pasted audio can be inserted before or after the selection, or can be mixed into the selection, or replace the selection.
  • Project menu -> New "Delete Unused Objects" utility function that deletes all unused sequences, (multi-) samples and audio streams from project RAM.
  • Sequence editor: Stepping backward/forward the time of an event using the property panel sometimes didn't work right. Fixed.
  • Automation editor: Stepping backward/forward the time of a point using the property panel sometimes didn't work right. Fixed.
  • When loading MUX 7 front panels that use "Numeric Parameter Editors" there could be a size mismatch for this kind of parameter editors. Fixed.
  • Note Mapper: Copy-Paste didn't work. Fixed.
  • Modular Feedback Delay: When using a MUX as feedback module and when the MFD receives events while processing there was a sonic bug. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when using an external audio editor to edit audio parts.
  • Multi-Point Modulator: Incorrect behavior when used in a PolySynth and its event input was not connected. Fixed.
  • More gentle behavior in case of opening a project with lots of unfound audio streams.
  • Audio recording: When the track name contained invalid file characters, audio recording failed. Fixed.
  • Automation tracks for a project MUX meta-parameter didn't keep their setting after re-opening the project. Fixed.
  • MuLab menu -> Tools: Now includes "Show Log" and "Keep Log".
  • A bit faster loading time especially for large projects.
  • MUX Plugin: In some cases there could be a rather innocent but inconvenient error alert on unloading MUX plugin. Fixed.
  • Modular Area: Removed auto-coloring of modules that are inside a rack.
  • Fixed a bug related to jack naming of VST plugins with mixed mono and stereo inputs / outputs.
  • Other small improvements.

All details and downloads on MuTools.com

They say:

M8.8.6 probably is the last M8 update before the next main MuLab 9.

For more info on MuLab 9 and beta version downloads see this preliminary info page: https://www.mutools.com/M9.html

MuLab 9 is expected to be released next month.



Discussion: Active
6 March 2022 at 3:42am

Such a great fun software. Easy to use and quite capable.

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