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Latest reviews of SONiVOX products

Tony Coleman Drums
Reviewed By tobalv
April 11, 2021

It cost me only 14.00, because I bought it on sale. You get what you pay, so It's a great alternative for who seek a good acoustic sound on a budget. I think you can use it for many styles, you only have to be creative.

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KVR had a 55 dollar price tag, the lowest others had did not go below 75. I have used KVR before, and the price made a big difference. Why pay 20-50 dollars more? Other than that, the product was as advertised no matter where you get it.

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Orchestral Companion Brass
Reviewed By jperez26
March 30, 2021

It's okay. If you need a decent brass sound for your music, that doesn't need anything too complex in terms of articulations or sounds, then this will do it for you. Good for sketching, but not so much for final products. Get it on sale if you can.

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Film Score Companion
Reviewed By Aldus
March 21, 2021

Great sounds, with a bit poor VST compatibility. It is the first time that I don't find plugins in the list of callable VST. In the list there are only 2 versions of BigBang of the others there is no trace. Is it a my client's fault? it's possible! Why has it never happened to me and BigBang plug-ins appears correctly?

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Solina Redux
Reviewed By Seawind
March 5, 2021

Good value for the sale price, but not even close at the regular price.

Also, fulfillment difficulty. The company that sends you the licensing info is in Canada, and for whatever reason if you have an att.com email address you won't receive the email with the licensing info. I finally had to contact the company directly.

I notified KVR of the problem and never got a response from them.

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Stratum Transwave Synth
Reviewed By h0stnik
February 26, 2021

Has literally nothing to do with Transwave Synthesis. What a boring, huge disappointment. 321.

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Tony Coleman Drums
Reviewed By doobopuk
February 21, 2021

Great for Funk, groove and soul. A fantastic addition to my drums and what a price! Thank you KVR.

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TimewARP 2600
Reviewed By Duncle22
January 23, 2021

Just got this synth & its been great. Running the 64-bit version &its fine. Its looks cool but it sounds fantastic. Grab it as its not loads of money anymore.

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