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Stone Voices
+7-923-346-14-73 / support@stone-voices.ru
Russia, Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Sayan region

Stone Voices is the noncommercial project from Siberia, in the sphere of development of audiomusical technologies. Every day we put experiments, we work with a sound, we invent new musical technologies, advancing musical progress.

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Products by Stone Voices

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Ambient Reverb
Reviewed By Sycopation
July 10, 2018

I'm giving this 5 stars mainly because 1) the freeze function is incredible 2) most other free reverbs are junk (the exception being OrilRiver) 3) the CPU load is excellent.

I still need to see if I will use this very much for routine mixing tasks, but after spending just 30 minutes with it I know for sure I'll be using this for sound design, namely making organic pads. If you use the freeze function, or even just dial the decay time up to 100, this thing will make gorgeous sounding pads out of almost anything. So far I've mainly just experimented with single sound sources (piano, tuned percussion, synths etc), but the next stage of experimentation will be to use some bussing and/or sends to create some multi-timbral pads. As someone else pointed out, this reverb does not modulate the wet signal, but honestly it sounds pretty lush anyway, and I plan to bounce these pads I make to audio and then use other FX plugs (EQ, chorus, phaser, trancegates etc) to give these pads some life and movement.

Overall, great great freebie.

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Ambient Reverb
Reviewed By colobelporridge
May 19, 2018

This is a good one. I kept it around because the valhalla vintage verb does not have a freeze function, but over time i realised it has its own sound; ambient like it says on the tin but capable of going beyond. The is a lot of clicking and popping when changing settings but its is not a big deal really. Its better than most freeware reverbs ive tried and its capable of a variety of sounds. Definitely a well thought out plugin.

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Ambient Reverb
Reviewed By ReaperEdge
December 21, 2017

Nice verb! THANKS.

Unlike v4.0, v4.2 does not set dials when changing presets (Using Reaper v5.70).

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Reviewed By akira
August 22, 2017

This is amazing...for a free VSTi ! The sound is very good, but the main thing is, what you can do with samples.

I didn't like all the other non commercial vsti's with sample options, but this one is a marvel.

Thank you very much .

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