In 2003 I released my first synth, Motion. That was quickly followed by Rez, Texture, and the highly popular String Theory. 2005 brought my first commercial release, and my first effect, Metallurgy (which got a 10 out of 10 in Computer Music Magazine). With each plug-in I've built since, I've continued to push myself and try something new each time.

My main inspiration for the plug-ins I build has always been my own musical requirements and interests. I've got somewhat eclectic tastes and tend to write music that isn't exactly what's mainstream, so my needs can be a bit different. Also, being a gear addict, I've got an ever expanding collection of instruments and there's no sense in building something that does the job of what I've already got. The combination of building for my musical needs and filling in gaps within my existing arsenal of sound machines leads me to create plug-ins that are somewhat niche market and different from a lot of what is available out there. I consider this to be one of my strongest points as a product designer.

I tend to think of myself as more of a designer than a developer because I don't code and I lack the knowledge and resources to take my concepts as far as I think they could potentially go. What I create with SynthEdit are essentially proofs-of-concepts for my ideas - and I make them as good as my abilities will allow me to. I use this virtual box of spare electronics parts to design the functionality, user experience, tone, and presets, and use Photoshop and Knobman to design the GUI. In a way, I see the whole process as extensions of sound design, graphic design, and musical composition, rather than as software development. The end results may not be on par with what is produced by the best plug-in developers out there, but they are good quality plug-ins that provide artists with new tools to express themselves, and at a price point that computer musicians at nearly any income level can afford.

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