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Ugo releases Ironhead:Spawn


Ugo has announced the release of Ironhead:Spawn, which is a bundle of 13 individual polyphonic synths, built from mutated versions of the original Ironhead synthetic junk yard percussion kit instruments.

Ironhead:SpawnIn Ironhead:Spawn, the synths have grown, taken on lives of their own, and have been modified to be played across the keyboard like "normal" instruments. Their sound design abilities have expanded and they've been altered for a greater balance between percussive and melodic instruments, opening up a wide variety of sounds that are not possible with the original Ironhead, but while maintaining the unique Ironhead character and complimenting the original kit.

Kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, bells, rubbery basses, plucked strings, knocks, bonks, metallic smacks, tuned percussion, weird morphed noises... you can make entire pieces of music just using this bundle. The best way to think of the difference between Ironhead and Ironhead:Spawn is that Ironhead is a drum kit and Ironhead:Spawn is a whole band.


  • 13 plug-ins dedicated to unique percussive and melodic sounds.
  • Morphing for each instrument, controlled by LFO, mod wheel, or automation.
  • Minimalist vector based interface for fast, fun, easy sound adjustments.
  • Instrument randomizers.
  • Adjustable level of random tonal variations per-hit.
  • Dual delays in each synth.
  • Over 40 presets in each plug (over 540 presets in the bundle).

As an added bonus, just as with Ironhead, Ironhead:Spawn also comes with Tunguska... a morphing multi effect plug-in that includes a pitch shifting granulator, filter, envelop follower, distortion, downsampling, and delays.

Priced at $35, Ironhead:Spawn and Tunguska are available now for Windows in the VST format.



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