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United Plugins

The word "United" in the company name represents the way the company creates. This means United Plugins is a federation of small independent developing teams that all consist of people previously involved in the Music Industry business.

Variety inspires.

The founding triad is JMG Music, FireSonic and SounDevice Digital. The teams include artists, producers and engineers who sought the freedom to create the tools they would like to use in their studios in our projects. And they found it in creation. Their plugins may not be for masses though, but probably they create tools for someone like you.

Thanks, Melda.

United Plugins live and create because of the help of another strong and experienced brand MeldaProduction. They helped United Plugins by letting us to accommodate their super-easy licensing system which is why you can also find selected MP products at the United Plugins site.

United Plugins is a limited company seated in Prague, Czech Republic (EU).

Products by United Plugins

Latest reviews of United Plugins products

For me the by far best and most organically and naturally sounding reverb plugin, which I ever have heard.

The basic sounds have - in a very positive way - a lot of vintage character, some sort of Fifties / Sixties reverb character, in other words, it reminds me of a very unique combination of a very good plate reverb with a very good spring reverb, so it sounds very unique, but also great.

But it does not stop there, it offers a lot of options for individual adjustments and tweaking as well as some really very different sounding presets, which offer almost endless possibilities from short doubling up to really large hall, almost cathedral reflections, which all sound very different, if compared to common ambient reverbs, which usually sound too digitally and synthetically for my taste.

As a guitarist I like the basic tones a lot, you can even add some saturation to the reverb, vintageize the tone even more with the Legendary control, smooth the sound with the Lush control, or also create more modern voiced reverbs, but you hardly will find a setting which sounds digital, sterile or synthetic here, so it also works very well with almost every source, vocals, drums, bass, synthesizer, ...

Early and late reflections can be adjusted and modified independently, dampening affects long, mid and short reflections differently and you always have the feeling that you use a very good analog unit, not a digital plugin.

Not the cheapest reverb plugin, but in my opinion really worth the price. You hardly will need any other one. In my opinion.

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Transmutator by JMG Sound
Reviewed By DrRefract
March 30th, 2021

An excellent, versatile tool - not just for crossfades but for fusing any sounds. Dialing a little bit of one sound into another can give it more uniqueness and character.

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QuickBass by Instant Audio
Reviewed By DiBase
March 29th, 2021

Not what I've expected but it's good for what it was made for. However I do wonder if this can compete with Guitar Rig by Native.

Ok, I've come to the conclusion that it's a nice good to go or slap-on compressor. It's easy to use and has many presets that can improve sounds of any kind.

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Voxessor by SounDevice Digital
Reviewed By zisser
February 8th, 2021

Looking for professional sounding voiceover or dialog? This plugins combines several processes in one simple user interface.

Voxessor is a sophisticated tool that will help you to create a perfect voice-over within a few seconds. This easy manual explains its features and controls' functions.

The plugin includes auto leveling of signal to have less dynamics. Turning this feature on will result in constant volume of your material.

Dynamics and De-Esser.

Compressor – Determines the level of compression applied to your signal.

Gate - Level of gate applied to your signal.

De-esser on/off – This button determines whether de-esser is applied to your signal.

Depth - Level of intensity of De-esser.

Deeser tuning – This knob is used to sweep-search for frequency of the speaker's sybilants. That will be used for de-esing.

Intelligent Matching.

On/Off – Turns on the matching process.

Analyze your voice – Turn this feature on for 5 seconds (button glows) when your recorded signal is playing, then switch off! Your signal is analyzed then and ready to be matched to ideal. Correctness also depends on "Mode" (character) voice you have chosen.

Match – This knob is a dry/wet knob for matching feature.

Check out this review and demo.


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DIFIX by SounDevice Digital
Reviewed By Baksus
December 11th, 2020

This is a great plugin. Simple interface and simple to use with grreat results. Makes my guitar recordings alot tighter and fuller sounding.

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FireCobra by FireSonic
Reviewed By BONES
June 9th, 2020

FireCobra is, quite simply, brilliant. Place it in the Master channel and it opens up your mixes so you can hear every part clearly. It brightens the whole thing and gives a professional "sheen" to a mix in a minute or two that you might otherwise spend hours trying to achieve. Adding it to a single channel is a little hit and miss - sometimes it makes a huge difference, sometimes it doesn't do much at all, depending on the source.

There are basically only 3 control knobs, plus a dry/wet balance, and you get a dozen or so presets. But there is a lot going on under the uber-cool interface. Try a preset or just tweak it from the INIT patch yourself. Either way, you'll get an amazing result almost instantly. There are a couple of selector switches but you only need to use those if you are having problems. I've been using it for a couple of months now and haven't had to bother. You also get input and output gain sliders so you can gain match to the untreated signal, just to make sure it's actually better, not just louder. The three main controls are INTENSIFY, which does most of the magic via some machine intelligence algorithm. The other two are SMACK and ANALOGIZE, which both add extra harmonic content to fatten up the sound. Analogize is a lot more subtle than Smack, so I tend to use it on mixes, where I use Smack a lot more on synths and drum parts.

I find that the better the mix, the less pronounced FireCobra's effect is, which is cool because you can throw it on a problematic mix and it might solve your problems for you. It certainly saves me from spending too long polishing up mixes for our live sets. I just get it close and let FireCobra do it's magic. And sometimes it really does feel like magic.

Yes, it's expensive and, yes, I got it when it was on sale but, honestly, if someone showed it to me and I heard exactly what it's capable of, I think I would be happy to pay full price. It is easily the best plugin I have ever put on my master channel and what it does is absolutely worth what they are charging.

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