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FX Collection 5
FX Collection FX Collection FX Collection FX Collection FX Collection FX Collection FX Collection
What is it?
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System Requirements
Win 8.1+ (64-bit) PC: 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
20GB free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
System Requirements
10.13+: 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
20GB free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
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Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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FX Collection 5

Arturia FX Collection is a curated suite of 34 essential audio production plugins, combining enhanced emulations of classic studio hardware with groundbreaking modern effects, giving musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their sound.

FX Collection is designed to save producers' time by offering the perfect effect for any sound or application; a focused, versatile selection of tools covering all sonic territory, inspired by past, present, and future, giving musicians fast, professional, and inspiring results every time.

The plugins in FX Collection aren't just utilities designed to deliver pro-grade sound. Each title is designed to inject character and musicality into any project, allowing creatives to truly explore and hone in on the right color and uniqueness for their sound - whatever their style.

Whether it's unmatched modeling of sought-after vintage gear, enhancing classic effects with expanded controls, or pushing granular processing into uncharted territory, FX Collection offers the modern flexibility and ease of use that users need for a fluid DAW workflow.

New in FX Collection 5

Bus Peak - Pro Grade Limiter

An intuitive audio effect that combines Tone Control, Clipper and Limiter features alongside comprehensive metering to ensure optimal loudness in your mix while preserving detail and clarity:

  • Versatile Sonic Limiter: Add some energy to your entire mix for or to an instrument track, like a vocal or lead guitar, to help it sit prominently in the mix without getting lost or causing distortion.
  • Professional Metering: Industry-standard loudness metering and True Peak control that prevents digital clipping and distortion.
  • Loud and Clear: Increase the overall volume of your mix without introducing unwanted distortion or sacrificing clarity.
  • User Friendly: A streamlined interface with a reduced number of controls, focusing only on the essential ones that matter.

Bus Exciter-104 - Master Output Elevation

Bus Exciter-104 reinvents the classic audio signal enhancer. With a dual module architecture, simple-to-use workflow and faithful design - bring your mix to life or add that pro-edge to instrument and vocal tracks:

  • Real time visualizer: Visually see the frequencies selected by the Bass and Exciter modules and observe how the processing effect adds spectral content.
  • Output Equalizer: Easily tweak the output level of each frequency shelf, for that little extra bass or tapered high-hat shimmer.
  • Exciter: Extend the high frequencies for greater perceived loudness. Adjust harmonics to control the texture and detail of the processed signal.
  • Output: A simple master gain output for the effect which lets you blend between the dry and wet signal and find that perfect balance for your desired sound.

Efx Motions - Creative Movement Shaper

Combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools into a powerful effect plugin to give your music the momentum, variety, and pure sonic excitement it deserves:

  • 5 audio processing modules.
  • Customized trigger.
  • 2FX slots with 14 FX types.
  • Motion editor.

Efx Refract - Versatile Unison Effect

Stereo multi-effect combining unison-based processing with a variety of secondary effects and modulation options. Enrich, texturise and transform any sound, from experimental distortions to detuned harmonics:

  • Unison refraction engine.
  • 5 Mode FX.
  • 47 built-in presets.
  • 12 Harmonizer Chords.

FX Collection 4 includes 4 new products:

  • Rotary CLS-222: Move from silky smooth stereo swirls to spinning synchronized patterns with a modernized take on the classic Leslie rotary speaker emulator.
  • Dist COLDFIRE: A dual-engine distortion effect that goes from rich tube saturation to unrestrained sonic destruction in a few clicks.
  • Filter MS-20: Pump destructive crunch and roaring stereo filter sweeps into your mixes with this infamously abrasive KORG filter & distortion module.
  • Rev LX-24: An upgraded version of the retro box that defined '80s reverb; real-feeling space, cave depth atmosphere, and subtly-sparkling textures await.

FX Collection 3 added 4 new products:

  • Dist TUBE-CULTURE - Get modernized valve saturation in a few clicks with this virtual reimagining of a certified studio classic, designed to breathe harmonic life and sprinkle color onto any sound.
  • Dist OPAMP-21 - An audio saturation effect inspired by a 'go direct' guitar pedal turned production cult classic, fusing gritty tube-like harmonics and high-gain crunch into an enhanced plugin.
  • Efx FRAGMENTS - Instantly elevate any project with glitchy stutters, grainy stereo ambience, experimental textures, and beyond with next-level granular processing. Divide, transform, and rebuild any sound.
  • Tape MELLO-FI - Bring instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth to any sound. An easy-to-use plugin featuring a straightforward preamp, modulation, and filter/output sections for sublime lo-fi vibes.
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FX Collection 5

Reviewed By DiBase [all]
November 28th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I do not own the latest version but this offers so many things that I can recommend it to anyone when it's on sale. If you're starting out it might not be for you as it can be overwhelming but if you like what you're doing it grows on you constantly.

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