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VSTplug william de-esser

VSTplug william de-esser
What is it?
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Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Windows 64-bit VST2 compatible DAW or Editor
License & Installation Method
No License Required
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Important Note
There is a small issue arisen from a new font database detection method added to prevent missing font errors. The version number to the left becomes zero after changing a preset from the preset manager scroller. This error is superficial and does not affect performance. This, and clicks while changing presets will be resolved in the coming version 1.2.
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VSTplug william de-esser

The william de-esser is a nice addition to any professional's toolbox.

A windows 64-bit VST2 plugin, the william de-esser is a zero latency compression tool that is not for only de-essing vocals but also for the entire track. The reasons you might choose the william de-esser are:

Filter Type Selection:

  1. BP1: A smooth sounding RBJ bandpass filter.
  2. BP2: A ZDF bandpass filter with a mild grit.
  3. HP1: A TDF2 style filter type with smoothness and character.
  4. HP2: A generic C+ filter which due to its subtractive quality adds a raspiness.

Intuitive Loudness Metering:

  • Choose between dBFS and the world standard LU to see where your track stands in volume level.


  • This plugin is optimized by Le Attol (Robert Ellis Langford) meticulously so as to have less impact on your hard-working CPU.


  • V1.0: Unreleased.
  • V1.1: Added 3 new filter types (BP2, HP1, HP2).
  • v1.2: Added automation support and demo.
  • V1.3: Updated GUI.

Planned Changes:

  • V1.4: Auto crossfading to prevent clicks during operation and especially preset change. (pending 01/25/20).
  • V1.4: Mousewheel support.

Demo Version Download

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