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News Archive for January 2004

30th January 2004Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.1.26 (OSX) released

29th January 2004Bitshift pHATmatik PRO v1.2.1 released

28th January 2004MHC Space Synth v2.0 released

28th January 2004IK SampleTank v2.0.3 released

27th January 2004Cakewalk Sonar v3.1.1 released

27th January 2004DashSignature theAbstractGuitar v1.3.8 released

26th January 2004Aero Studio v1.0.1.1 released

23rd January 2004alphakanal buzZer v0.3.1 released

23rd January 2004MTSoftware updates HostX & TseqX

23rd January 2004Sagan Technology Metro LX released

23rd January 2004Yamaha Vocaloid v1.0.2 released

22nd January 2004ioNeo Aero Studio released

22nd January 2004Ultrano Dreamer v1.5 released

22nd January 2004SAWStudio v3.5 & SAWStudioBasic released

21st January 2004DashSignature/ProSounds release daAlfa2k bundle

21st January 2004Tracktion released

21st January 2004Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 & XL French/German Editions released

21st January 2004eLAB instruments shown at NAMM

21st January 2004Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano announced

21st January 2004Outsim Synthmaker v0.7.8p released

21st January 2004DashSignature EVE v1.2.2 & TubiLeSax v1.8.8m released

21st January 2004polyIblit v1.0.0.2 released

20th January 2004Best Service Artist Drums released

20th January 2004VirSyn Cube v1.5 goes resynthesis

20th January 2004Garritan GPO Studio announced

20th January 2004Plogue Bidule updated to v0.

20th January 2004Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.1.25 released

20th January 2004DashSignature TubiLeSax v1.8.8f & EMM Knagalis v1.3.4 released

20th January 2004Yamaha Vocaloid updated to v1.0.1

20th January 2004Celemony & Ueberschall collaboration announced

20th January 2004Zero-G Leon & Lola Vocaloids released

20th January 2004ueberschall VCP 120 & BPM 120 previewed at NAMM

20th January 2004Cakewalk announces free Project5 v1.5 update

20th January 2004Apple introduces Logic Pro 6 & Logic Express 6

20th January 2004Apple previews next generation pro audio technology

16th January 2004FXpansion Drum Nine previewed at NAMM

16th January 2004FXpansion SoL previewed at NAMM

16th January 2004Korg Legacy Collection at NAMM

16th January 2004E-MU Emulator X at NAMM

16th January 2004Cycling '74 Shows MODE plugins again

16th January 2004IK Multimedia announces Sonik Synth 2

16th January 2004Open Labs Karsyn released

16th January 2004Open Labs OpenSynth neKo set for release

16th January 2004Ohm Force Mini?Melohman announced

16th January 2004Spectrasonics Stylus RMX unveiled

16th January 2004Tascam GigaStudio 3.0 announced

16th January 2004Arturia Minimoog V announced

16th January 2004Arturia Storm 3 announced

16th January 2004Propellerheads REX2 opened up

16th January 2004PowerFX Miracle Beats announced

16th January 2004AAS Tassman 4 announced

15th January 2004Native Instruments Vokator v1.0.4 released

15th January 2004DSound at NAMM

15th January 2004New Steinberg Integration Interface Announced

15th January 2004K-v-R Down -- Sorry!

12th January 2004Native Instruments Battery v1.3.2 released (OS X)

11th January 2004ConcreteFX Digital released

10th January 2004SAWStudio Basic announced

10th January 2004apulSoft WormHole released

10th January 2004DashSignature TubiLeSax v1.8.6 released

9th January 2004Cakewalk Sonar v3.1 released

9th January 2004ioplong Slifty released

9th January 2004Oxe FM Synth released

9th January 2004Pluggo v3.1 for OS X released

7th January 2004Jack Tools released

7th January 2004xTal v0.0.6 released

7th January 2004MOTU Digital Performer v4.1.2 released

7th January 2004BitHeadz Unity v3.3 updates (Mac) released

6th January 2004Synapse Orion Pro v5.0 released

6th January 2004Rob Papen / LinPlug Albino 2 unveiled

6th January 2004White Noise Additive Synth v1.0 released

6th January 2004Outsim Synthmaker v0.7.8d released

5th January 2004Zero-G Morphology released

5th January 2004FL Studio v4.5.1 released

5th January 2004FXpansion VST-RTAS v1.0.2 released

5th January 2004xTal v0.0.5 released

2nd January 2004Yellow Tools Culture v1.5 released

2nd January 2004Outsim Synthmaker v0.7.7 released

2nd January 2004Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt v1.0.2 update

2nd January 2004BitHeadz Unity Synth Expander 1 demo released

2nd January 2004Audiorealism Bass Line demo released

2nd January 2004ExsManager OSX v2.5 released

2nd January 2004MHC Studio Setup updated

2nd January 2004VSTHost v1.10 released

2nd January 2004Seasonal Special Offers Part 2