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News Archive for March 2004

31st March 2004Native Instruments announce the B4D Controller

31st March 2004Native Instruments announce Xpress Keyboards

31st March 2004Native Instruments announce Elektrik Piano

31st March 2004Cakewalk releases Guitar Tracks Pro 3

31st March 2004Pluggo v3.1.3 (OS X) released

31st March 2004Steinberg announces WaveLab 5

31st March 2004Steinberg announces HALion 3

31st March 2004IK Multimedia announces StudioPhonik

31st March 2004VirSyn Cantor announced

29th March 2004Glaresoft iDrum unveiled

29th March 2004Best Service Cult Sampler released

29th March 2004Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loops Synth v1.3 released

29th March 2004Voxengo PHA-979 VST 1.1 released

29th March 2004FL Studio v4.5.2 released

29th March 2004Prosoniq OrangeVocoder3 announced

29th March 2004ndc Buffer Synth 2 beta & Particle Fountain (OSX) released

28th March 2004Elevayta Clone Boy v1.0.2 released

28th March 2004Tiny God Murmur v0.5.4 released

28th March 2004XS Delta SP v1.5.2 released

28th March 2004ConcreteFX Woo and WooSyn released

28th March 2004rgc:audio sfz v1.2.2 released

26th March 2004ioNeo Aero Studio released

26th March 2004Sonicbytes ERA released

26th March 2004FXpansion VST-AU Adapter updated to v1.30.02

26th March 2004e-phonic Retro Delay released

26th March 20044Front YLimiter released

26th March 2004delaydots SpectrumWorx v1.1 released

26th March 2004ProjectOne P1-Tapedelay released

25th March 2004iZotope plug-ins released for VST (Windows)

25th March 2004MHC Voxynth v2.0 (OSX VST) released

25th March 2004Steinberg Cubase SX v2.0.2.31 released

24th March 2004i3 DSP-Quattro v1.5 released

24th March 2004Voxengo GlissEQ v2.0 released

24th March 2004Sonicbytes ERA demo released

23rd March 2004Ableton Live v3.0.3 released

23rd March 2004FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter v1.0.5 & BFD v1.0.8.2 released

23rd March 2004SpeedSoft VSampler v3.1 beta 3 released

22nd March 2004Native Instruments Reaktor v4.1 released

22nd March 2004Rob Papen / LinPlug Albino v2.0.1 released

22nd March 2004LinPlug RMIV AU demo available

18th March 2004IK Sampletank v2.0.5 released

18th March 2004ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.8.10 released

18th March 2004SAWStudio v3.7 & SAWStudioBasic v1.2 released

18th March 2004FabFilter One released

18th March 2004MHC Fatsondo & Vox FX v2.0 released

17th March 2004Free modules for FXpansion DR-008

17th March 2004Tracktion v1.5.1.2 released [UPDATED]

17th March 2004Sonicbytes ERA announced

16th March 2004Audio Damage Mayhem released

16th March 2004AudioRealism Bass Line v1.1 released

16th March 2004Voxengo Pristine Space v1.1 released

15th March 2004askywhale Mp3play 2 beta released

14th March 2004Kiesel Helga v1.0.2 released

14th March 2004FX Freeze v1.0.2 released

13th March 2004bismark bs-1/bs-16 v2.0 released

13th March 2004ConcreteFX Ensembler released

12th March 2004xTal updated to v0.0.8

11th March 2004ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.7.9 released

10th March 2004Steinberg V-Stack v1.2.0.22 released (inc. OS X)

10th March 2004Steinberg HALion updated to v2.0.3.5

10th March 2004discoDSP Phantom v1.1 released

10th March 2004Kjaerhus Audio Classic Phaser released

10th March 2004PSP Nitro demo released

9th March 2004Wizoo Hyper Modules now shipping

8th March 2004Rob Papen / LinPlug Albino 2 released

8th March 2004Outsim Synthmaker v0.8.0k released

8th March 2004DASHsnd Creation Tool Released

8th March 2004EastWest Quantum Leap Stormdrum released

5th March 2004Native Instruments Kontakt v1.5.2 released

5th March 2004Bonneville CPS updated to v1.4.5

4th March 2004Steinberg Hypersonic v1.1 released

4th March 2004jVSTwRapper v0.6 released

4th March 2004Synapse Hydra for OS X released

3rd March 2004reFX Vanguard v1.0.3 released

3rd March 2004discoDSP Vertigo v2.0 released

3rd March 2004Synapse Scorpion & Plucked String for OS X released

2nd March 2004Steinberg releases Cubase SE

2nd March 2004PowerFX SoundShuttle (AU) released

1st March 2004FXpansion VST-RTAS (Mac) v1.0.4 released

1st March 2004Bioroid TTP v1.0.4 & Creakbox demo v1.0.1 released

1st March 2004NUSofting HarpTime released

1st March 2004energyXT v1.2.4 released

1st March 2004ConcreteFX Digital v1.3 released

1st March 2004Brainspawn Forte v1.4 released