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Tracktion v1.5.1.2 released [UPDATED]


Mackie have released their first update to Tracktion since taking over distribution and support from Raw Material software.

Tracktion v1.5.1.2 changes:
  • Fixed Umlaut bug.
  • Fixed Export L-R Swapping.
  • Sorted out the dropped notes when looping through filters which need PDC.
  • Fixed a dynamic tempo bug which made the timeline go a bit strange with certain tempo arrangements.
  • Fixed a MIDI tempo import bug.
  • MIDI export has been rewritten so that it now exports tempo/time signature changes.
  • Rendering now takes muted/soloed tracks into account.
  • MIDI export no longer needs the tracks to be routed to a MIDI output device.
  • Rendering tracks now gives the option not to delete the original tracks.
  • Track numbers shown in the title bar of VST windows now get updated when you move the filter.
  • Fix for non-gui VST interfaces not always updating their parameters.
  • When rendering a clip or track the default filename is now taken from the clip or track's name.
  • Fixed a VST bug that could affect plugins with dialogue boxes that appear when you create them.
  • Added a list of active automation params to a filter's popup menu.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging projects up and down the list could put them in the wrong place.
  • Fixed an AIFF import bug (where it couldn't cope with zero-length chunks).
  • Fixed a memory leak when editing racks.
  • Added an option to the timecode menu to disable the remapping of clip positions when the tempo is changed.
  • After splitting clips at the cursor pos, all the new bits of clips are now left selected rather than just the first.
  • Fix for obscure bug where using a copy of a rack filter preset can make the original one not work.
  • Stopped the audio device list from scrolling the list back to top when devices are enabled/disabled (annoying for devices with lots of channels).
  • Prevented some edits unnecessarily asking whether you want to save them when they've not been changed.
  • Stopped some automation curves not appearing on-screen when going from one edit to another that shares the same VSTs.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the audio file operations dialog box.
  • Automation of filters inside clips was broken - the automation curves were misaligned and the filters didn't update properly - should be sorted now.
  • Tidied up some font sizes that didn't work at lower screen resolutions.
  • ReWire devices now respond to tempo changes in the edit correctly.
  • Fixed a ReWire bug where the selected MIDI bus and channel for a rewire filter could be lost if the device starts up with a project that doesn't contain the selected bus.
  • Fixed an automation redraw bug.
  • Added an option to not simplify newly-recorded automation data.
  • Automation now corrects for PDC (and there's an option to turn this off).
  • Fixed a bug where instances of rack presets could get confused when an edit is reloaded.


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