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News Archive for August 2004

31st August 2004Zynewave Podium v1.1.3 released

31st August 2004jVSTwRapper v0.7 released

31st August 2004VSTi Host updated to v3.1.1X

31st August 2004NOVAkILL releases 5 new synths

31st August 2004FabFilter One v3.0 released

31st August 2004BetabugsAudio SimpleSqueeze released

30th August 2004Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop v1.1 released

30th August 2004g200kg Freqatic v0.1 released

30th August 2004Elevayta FreEq Boy updated to v1.0.9

29th August 2004New banks uploaded

29th August 20042WarpDelay v1.0 released

29th August 2004MultifxVST updated to v0.7.8

29th August 2004ndc Plugs SineSynth released

28th August 2004ZynAddSubFX v2.0 released

28th August 2004reViSiT v0.8.5 released (formerly VSTrack)

28th August 2004Korg Legacy Collection v1.1 released

27th August 2004Psychic Modulation Minimal and Optik released

27th August 2004Simple-Media retro-gs01-demo released

27th August 2004Wusikstation released

27th August 2004ConcreteFX Kubik released

27th August 2004Maxx Claster eJ updated to v1.2

26th August 2004AudioMulch v0.9 beta 17 released

26th August 2004DX7 recreations Vol.2 for Rhino released

26th August 2004OdO Seeq One released

26th August 2004Liqih Synth reorganization

26th August 2004Additional presets for Poly-850

26th August 2004EST-BLOCK:03 INS Sampling Machinas released

25th August 2004Arturia Moog Modular V v2.0 released

24th August 2004LinPlug announces RM IV v4.1

24th August 2004SQ4² v1.0 released

24th August 2004Delta SP updated to v1.5.6

24th August 2004Prodyon Agonyx FX released

23rd August 2004Endless Tone v1.0 released

23rd August 2004ProSounds Summer Sale

23rd August 2004Voxengo Transmodder v1.0 released

22nd August 2004Synapse Audio Poly-850 released

22nd August 2004SynthEdit (Stable Version) updated to v0.956.3

22nd August 2004mgTriggerGate updated to v0.1.7

21st August 2004Precisionsound releases Kloo Mandolin

21st August 2004LUXONIX LFX-1310 updated to v1.0.2

20th August 2004Delta SP updated to v1.5.5

20th August 2004Wizoo GM-4 Hypersonic expansion updated to v1.1.2

20th August 2004PSP MixPack v1.8.3 released

20th August 2004New Cameleon Banks from Biomechanoid and Tim Conrardy

19th August 2004Wave Arts plug-ins updated to v4.0.5

19th August 2004DFH Superior AU now available

19th August 2004SynthFont v0.9.7.6 released

19th August 2004sampleLab libraries available via Time+Space (UK)

19th August 2004NI launches User Library for Absynth 2

18th August 2004ravity (S) & (R) v1.1.2 released

18th August 2004Buzzroom RoomReverb v1.1 released

17th August 2004SpinAudio Virtual Mixing Console v1.0 released

17th August 2004NUSofting Microrock Pro released

17th August 2004Prodyon Agonyx released

17th August 2004Hartmann Neuron VS announced

17th August 2004Apari MK-28 released

17th August 2004H. G. Fortune X-Wheel of Fortune released

17th August 2004Simple Media VST collection

17th August 2004Supersaw Plus v1.2 released

16th August 2004Wusik Vouchers

16th August 2004ProSounds PS-1 Performance Synth announced

16th August 2004NI Kontakt v1.5 demo version available

16th August 2004Rax v1.1 released

16th August 2004AAS Tassman FX Pack released

16th August 2004LUXONIX LFX-1310 v1.0.1 released

16th August 2004MultiFXVST updated to v0.7.6

16th August 2004Dash / NuSofting Summer Giveaway

16th August 2004Wusikstation Public Beta 5 available

16th August 2004EastWest August 2004 Offers

13th August 2004Muse Research Receptor Now Shipping!

13th August 2004KTGranulator v1.2 released

13th August 2004NuBi v0.0.93 released

13th August 2004NI Kontakt cross-grade summer special

12th August 2004LUXONIX LFX-1310 released

12th August 2004XS Delta SP v1.5.3 released

12th August 2004Tracktion v1.6.0.1 released

12th August 2004SynthEdit v0.956.1 released

12th August 2004New discoDSP Vertigo presets

12th August 2004New banks uploaded

11th August 2004HALion v3.0.1.512 (pre-release 2) available

11th August 2004Vocaloid price drop

11th August 2004Waves L3 Peak Limiter (Multimaximizer & Ultramaximizer) released

11th August 2004mgTriggerGate updated to v0.1.5

11th August 2004ANWIDA Soft Summer 2004 Offer

11th August 2004ioNeo Aero Studio v1.0.11.13 released

11th August 2004Voxengo SPAN v1.2 released

10th August 2004Classic Moog bank for Rhino released

10th August 2004MOTU MX4 released

10th August 2004Midimax controller keyboard released

10th August 2004Vocaloid Miriam demo version available

10th August 2004B4, FM7 and PRO-53 demo versions for OS X now available

9th August 2004Shortcircuit public beta released

9th August 2004MultifxVST updated to v0.7.4

9th August 2004RS Stereo Delay v1.0.2 released

9th August 2004Zero-G Akoustik Bass Hitz released

9th August 2004Voxengo Crunchessor released

9th August 2004five12 Numerology v1.4.1 released

9th August 2004g200kg ProtoPSG v0.0.3 released

9th August 2004Sigma Delta v1.0 released

9th August 2004SpinAudio RoomVerb M2 updated to v2.1 build 152

9th August 2004Ugo Motion v2.8 released

9th August 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0.4 released

5th August 2004Get 2 free issues of EQ (US only)

5th August 2004MusicLab RealGuitar v1.5 & Rhythm'n'Chords v2.5 released

5th August 2004OdO Rhythms v1.1 released

5th August 2004ZynAddSubFX VST alpha version released

5th August 2004EMS Synthi Avs demo released

5th August 2004ModernBeats releases 'Ethnic Percussion Loopz'

5th August 2004Okinawan Tradition (Sample CD) released

5th August 2004mgTriggerGate v0.1.4 (alpha) released

5th August 2004VirSyn Cantor v1.0.2 released

5th August 2004Pluggo v3.2.1 and Max/MSP v4.5.1 released

5th August 2004Bojo Impulse and Organ One now cheaper

5th August 2004Wusikstation public beta available

4th August 2004Tiny God Murmur Pro released

4th August 2004Steinberg Wavelab v5.0.1a build 231 released

4th August 2004Five12 Numerology v1.4 released

4th August 2004Augustus Loop v1.1 beta released

4th August 2004BIAS Peak v4.1.2 and SoundSoap v1.1.2 released

3rd August 2004A few changes @ K-v-R

3rd August 2004S&C Big Time and RTEAF released

3rd August 2004Ohm Force Bundles

3rd August 2004Wave Arts MultiDynamics released (& v4.0.4 updates to the rest)

3rd August 2004NI B4D Controller now available

3rd August 2004Emagic EVP73 and EXSP24 v1.1 released

3rd August 2004n-Track Studio v4.0 released

2nd August 2004Maxx Claster eJ v1.1 released

2nd August 2004SAWStudio v3.8a and SSBasic v1.3a released

2nd August 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0.1 released

1st August 2004Big Tick Rhino v2.0 released