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ConcreteFX Kubik released


ConcreteFX has released Kubik, a powerful Windows VSTi wavetable sequencer synthesizer that can create a vast array of sophisticated moving sounds by moving through a wavetable of 64 waveforms, similar to sounds produced by the Waldorf MicroWave or Ensoniq Fizmo.

Kubik costs 90 USD / 75 EUR / 50 GBP but if you have already purchased Adder, Digital or Unison then you can purchase Kubik for a reduced price of 54 USD / 45 EUR / 30 GBP.

MP3 demo tunes and a demo version of Kubik are available for download - the demo works for 10 minutes, has only a limited range of waveforms and wavetables and you can't save anything.


  • 64 Waveform wavetable, each waveform is itself made from 64 additive partials.
  • Two Wavetable Oscillators both with secondary unison oscillator.
  • Nine Types of Oscillator Combinations - Add, Sub, Mix, Ring, FM, Sync, Waveshaper, S&H, PWM
  • Two Filters - that can be used independently, serially, in parallel or sequentially. Each filter can use one of twelve different filter types - 12db LP, BP, BR, HP, 24db LP, BP, BR, HP, Ring, Formant, Comb, Tuned Noise.
  • Eight 32 Step Envelopes with variable slope plus looping and release sections.
  • Eight Multi-wave LFOs and four general purpose modulator LFOs.
  • Full midi control of all the Kubik's parameters.
  • Kubik works in poly/mono or latched mode and has powerful portamento capabilities.
  • Stereo Delay , chorus, 2 band equalizer and stereo widener effects.
  • Waveform editor where you can draw waveforms, use additive synthesis to create waveforms, or load in sample as waveforms.
  • Many tools to help in the creation and manipulation of waveforms and wavetables. For instance you only have to set the key waveforms in a wavetable and Kubik will fill in the empty waveforms between these key ones.
  • Simple wavetable resynthesis , you can either load in a sample into the wavetable or Kubik will try to find representative single loops to recreate the original sound.
  • Two 64 Step Sequencer, with controls of pitch, duration, waveforms, volume, pan, filter cutoff, mix and slide.
  • Kubik has skinable buttons and dials and user defined colour and text schemes.
  • 77 full wavetables and hundreds of waveforms provided.
  • 288 presets from TC Conrardy, EJ Robinson, TOTC and Steve Bates.
  • Full PDF manual which includes tutorials about how to use Kubik.


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