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News Archive for August 2012

31st August 2012Audio Damage updates Axon for Mac to v1.2.1

31st August 2012eaReckon updates EAReverb to v1.2.2

31st August 2012Chicken Systems announces Creator Series of products and announces "30% Off" Labor Day Sale

31st August 2012Rob Papen releases "Predator - RE" for Reason

31st August 2012LinPlug releases CrX4 for Mac OS X (AU/RTAS/VST) and Windows (VST)

31st August 2012Native Instruments announces a new generation of Maschine

31st August 2012UVI releases "The Beast" (UVI Instrument)

31st August 2012Ueberschall releases "70s Funk Rock" (Elastik Soundbank)

31st August 2012TAL updates TAL-U-NO-LX to v1.79 and extends 50% Intro Offer

31st August 2012Anystone updates Anytune Music Practice App to v3.0.1

31st August 2012MeldaProduction updates all effects to v7.03c, releases MMultiAnalyzer and introduces MMixingBundle

31st August 2012Full Bucket Music updates "Mono/Fury" to v1.0.6 (incl. 64-bit VST Win)

31st August 2012Channel Robot releases "Grid Machine Chain" for Kontakt

31st August 2012Voxengo updates VariSaturator to v1.10 (incl. Mac 64-bit)

31st August 2012IK Multimedia offers: 50% off 'SampleTank for iOS' and the 'All Sounds' pack and 78% Off 'CSR Classik Studio Reverb'

31st August 2012ProducerLoops.com releases 'Symphonic Series Vol 4: Piano & Orchestra 1' Sample Pack

30th August 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Trance Monster: NI Massive Soundbank'

30th August 2012Wavesfactory releases "Ukulele Finger" for Kontakt

30th August 2012SonicXTC releases Liquid Space - Modulated Reverb VST effect for Windows

30th August 2012ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio and ES VST Plug-ins to v4.0.6

30th August 2012YummyBeats releases Massive Evolutions for Kontakt and Massive

30th August 2012PSPaudioware releases PSP Echo - Creative Tape Delay

30th August 2012KV331 Audio releases Nori Ubukata's "Historic Synth Giants Volumes 1&2" Expansions for SynthMaster 2.5

30th August 2012Beat releases MiniNova soundbank for Zampler

30th August 2012IK Multimedia announces iRig KEYS - Mini keyboard controller for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

30th August 2012Detunized releases Magmavox 3000 Live Pack - Bass and Strings with Synth

30th August 2012EarthMoments releases "Shruti Box" - Free Ableton Live Virtual Instrument

30th August 2012Inear Display releases "Gorgon" Distortion Plug-in for Win & Mac with Half Price Offer

29th August 2012Jordan Rudess releases SpaceWiz

29th August 2012Novation Launches MiniNova synth with "VocalTune"

29th August 2012Expert Sleepers release Silent Way v2.0.0 (incl. 5 new plug-ins and Win & Mac 64-bit support)

29th August 2012Insert Piz Here updates midiChords to v1.2.1 for Win & Mac

28th August 2012Ample Sound updates Ample Guitar to v1.1.0 for Win & Mac VST & AU

28th August 2012SKYLIFE updates WaveRobot to v4.19

28th August 2012Ilya Efimov releases Russian Balalaika for Kontakt

28th August 2012XLN Audio releases Addictive Keys

28th August 2012Sound Magic updates Neo Harmonic to v1.1 and releases Studio Grand Preset for Piano One

28th August 2012discoDSP offers Discovery for $49 until September 1st, 2012

27th August 2012DiamondSynths updates Subliminal to v1.8.5

27th August 2012Gospel Musicians "Neo-Soul Keys" Original Version on Sale for $59.99

27th August 2012Mildon Studios updates Strummer S6 VST Acoustic Guitar Strummer for Windows to v4.14

27th August 2012SyncerSoft releases free "Analog Warp" VST effect for Windows

27th August 2012Superfort releases Supersynth for Android

26th August 2012Bad Cat Media Group releases "The Mini Keys" and updates "The Music Box" for Kontakt and EXS 24

26th August 2012Soundtrack Loops releases "Wicked Drops" Dubstep Loops & Samples

26th August 2012Softrave releases "Techno Percussion" Free VSTi for Windows

26th August 2012Future Loops releases Urban Swingerz

26th August 2012u-he updates Diva to v1.1.1 and Zebra2 to v2.5.4

25th August 2012Ultimate X Sounds releases Modern X Bass Vol. 1 NI Massive Soundset

25th August 2012SonicXTC releases "Tonic Juice" - Free Windows VST Effect

25th August 2012discoDSP updates Corona softsynth to R4.5

24th August 2012Tek'it Audio updates "APC punk console" plug-in to v1.3

24th August 2012eaReckon updates ANALOG87 Series to v1.1.4 and FREE87 Series to v1.1.1

24th August 2012FatLoud announces Weekend Sale - 50% Off selected Dope Loops packs

24th August 2012Oscillicious releases SongStarter - Free Public Beta for Win, Mac & Chrome

24th August 2012Computer Music magazine 182 introduces Digital Downloads, includes Tone2 BiFilter 2 and VIP Series: Kirk Degiorgio

24th August 2012Xfer Records updates LFOTool to v1.1 (Win & Mac; VST & AU)

24th August 2012IK Multimedia announces iOS In-App Special: 40% Off All Recorders

24th August 2012IK Multimedia announces Summer Strummer Promo Final Wave: 60% Savings on AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, 80% Savings on T-RackS Standard

23rd August 2012MVX Synths releases Xtruder v1.01

23rd August 2012SonicXTC releases "Filter Cut Drive" - VST Filter/Distortion for Windows

23rd August 2012Centipeak updates "Drum Experience" Drum Sampler to v1.02

23rd August 2012Crimson Technology releases Sanshin v2.0 for iOS - Okinawa / Japanese Traditional "Three String"

23rd August 2012Prime Loops release "Procussion" and "Greatest Drum Hits - Dubstep"

23rd August 2012Prime Loops re-launches Website

23rd August 2012Native Instruments releases "Conant Gardens" - Maschine Expansion

23rd August 2012Equinox Sounds releases Uplifting Club MIDI Melodies 2

23rd August 2012Soundiron releases "Rust 3" - Deep Metallic Percussion Library for Kontakt

22nd August 2012Full Bucket Music updates "deputy Mark II" to v1.0.2

22nd August 2012112dB updates Redline Reverb to v1.0.6 (incl. Windows 64 bit version) [Win|Mac|VST|AU|RTAS]

22nd August 2012MuTools updates MuLab to v4.4.2

21st August 2012ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v4.0.5

21st August 2012Perimeter Sound Arts releases "Wireless" for Tone2 Firebird+

21st August 2012Sound Magic updates Neo Transient and Neo Reference Windows VST Effects to v1.1

21st August 2012Toontrack releases Session Drums MIDI

21st August 2012SKYLIFE announces SampleRobot 4 Pro for Mac OS X

21st August 2012Synthblitz Audio updates Nitroflex to v1.2 (Win VST)

21st August 2012Synapse Audio Software introduces 3 new Rack Extensions: DR-1 Deep Reverb, AP-12 Analog Phaser and VE-3 Vintage Equalizer

21st August 2012ProducerLoops releases 'RnB Dance Vol. 5' Sample Pack

21st August 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 03 by EVAC" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS24

21st August 2012Togu Audio Line releases TAL-U-NO-LX VST & AU for Win & Mac

20th August 2012The Interruptor releases Twin Bass VSTi for Windows

20th August 2012Alex Matheu updates Glitchbreaks for iOS to v1.04

20th August 2012Softrave releases Vintage Space Chorus VST effect for Windows

20th August 2012Muse Research releases Receptor VIP in 3 Configurations (incl. SSDs and Komplete 8)

20th August 2012Sonic Charge releases Permut8 Effect Plug-in (Win & Mac; VST & AU)

20th August 2012Status releases Circular for Gamma-Ray

20th August 2012Inear Display updates Eurydice to v1.1 (Win & Mac; VST & AU)

20th August 2012Sinevibes updates Drift, Strobe and Reactive AU Plug-ins

19th August 2012Crimson Technology updates WaveSynth Pro for iPad to v1.1

19th August 2012Straight Ahead Samples releases "Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums" for Kontakt

19th August 2012Willow Software updates Anvil Studio - now works with the Garritan Aria Player

19th August 2012Nassen updates RaX'n'TraX to v1.9.6

19th August 2012Detunized releases Blackbird - Free Live Pack

19th August 2012MeldaProduction updates all effects to v7.02

19th August 2012CubicAudio launches Summer Sale: 30% Off All Orders

19th August 2012Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys 3X Electric Piano for Kontakt Player with Introductory Offers

19th August 2012M3styles releases Acoustic Inspiration KARMA-fied sound set for Korg M3

19th August 2012Digital Redux releases Planet Rex Volumes One (Beats), Two (Percussion Loops), and Three (Musical Loops)

19th August 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Complete Dubstep Bundle' - 27 Construction Kits

19th August 2012IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad and In-App purchases 50% off until August 30th, 2012

19th August 2012DanceMIDISamples releases Ronei Leite Discovery Pro Psychedelic Presets Vol. 3

18th August 2012Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.2.1

18th August 2012zplane releases Public Beta of vielklang instant harmony v2.0

18th August 2012iZotope releases Alloy 2 - Suite of essential mixing tools

18th August 2012Distorque releases Vitamin C (Free Win VST)

18th August 2012Detunized releases Twolp Live Pack

18th August 2012V-Plugs announces Mr. Soundman Summer Competition

18th August 2012Tek'it Audio updates Genobazz to v2.2 and releases a free expansion

18th August 2012NoDough Samples releases NDS-303 Acid Jam sample pack (24-bit WAV)

18th August 2012MaxSynths releases Alien Soundscapes (WAV, Kontakt, Wusikstation, Soundfont and sfz)

18th August 2012Volko Audio updates Volko Alaturka Drum to v1.2.2

17th August 2012NTS Audio Labs announces Summer Sale: 30% Off 'DrumLoop 2' and 'Remix' software; 40% off entire 'Producer Packs' catalogue

17th August 2012UVI extends "Summer No-Brainer Deals" until August 27th, 2012

17th August 2012SyncerSoft releases free "Resonator" VST effect for Windows

15th August 2012Oscillicious releases 64-bit SodaSynth VST and AU

14th August 2012Cableguys update Curve to Beta 12 and announce release date

14th August 2012ProducerLoops.com releases 'Future Progressive Trance Vol. 1' Sample Pack

14th August 2012TubeOhm releases "Gamma-Ray" VSTi synthesizer for Windows

13th August 2012SonicXTC releases "Liquid Delay" Free VST delay for Windows

13th August 2012Patchpool releases Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

12th August 2012Agitated State announces MenuMagic v1.8.0.0 update

12th August 2012Wavesfactory releases 'Ukulele Strum' for Kontakt and EXS24

11th August 2012Sinevibes releases redesign of Diffusion softsynth (v1.3)

11th August 2012SonicXTC releases Flux Delay - Dual Modulated Delay VST Effect for Windows

10th August 2012Oh Drat releases "OD Total Music Production" - 12 Hour HD Video Course for Windows and Mac

10th August 2012Rob Papen - 9 products in 7 Years

10th August 2012ToneBytes releases Lo-Fizer - Free VST Effect for Windows

10th August 2012Centipeak updates "Drum Experience" Drum Sampler to v1.01

10th August 2012MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v4.03

10th August 2012Audiority release The Modular Piano for Kontakt

9th August 2012Subatomic Software updates Audulus to v1.5.2

9th August 2012Minimal System Instruments releases Punch Evolved Compressor (Win VST)

9th August 2012Crimson Technology updates m16 iOS MIDI player application to v2.0

9th August 2012MeldaProduction releases MVocoder with Intro Offer and updates all effects to v7.01 (Win & Mac; VST & AU)

9th August 2012UVI announces "Summer No-Brainer Deals" until August 17th, 2012

9th August 2012DNR Collaborative release Wave Designer Beta 0.3.3 and Discontinue MixControl Pro

9th August 2012IK Multimedia announces Summer Strummer Promo Third Wave: Up to 60% Savings on AmpliTube Metal and Metal Gear in Custom Shop

9th August 2012Sinevibes updates Turbulence AU to v1.1.0

9th August 2012Ueberschall releases 8 Bit Stylez (Elastik Soundbank)

8th August 2012Ultimate X Sounds releases Space X Sounds Vol. 1 NI Massive Soundset

8th August 2012Mildon Studios updates R23 Reference Monitor to v1.02

8th August 2012Sonokinetic announces "Da Capo" - Full Orchestral Section Sampled Library - Coming Q4 2012

8th August 2012Sampleism releases free Ocean Harp instrument for Kontakt

8th August 2012Samplephonics releases World Percussion Soundtrack 2 for Kontakt

8th August 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Tech-Tronic Shift DNB 2' Sample Pack

8th August 2012Oscillicious releases Analog Extracts (Win & Mac; VST, AU & WAV)

8th August 2012Standard Beat Company releases free "Artifact 01" in Battery and WAV formats and announces 20% Off Summer Sale

8th August 2012MuTools releases MUX VST - Modular Synth and Effect Plug-in for Windows

8th August 2012Synthblitz Audio releases Nitroflex - Win VST Synth for House Music

7th August 2012Icebreaker Audio Sale: GRID for Reaktor available for 1/2 price until 1st October, 2012

7th August 2012Universal Audio releases Sonnox Oxford EQ Plug-in for UAD-2 Powered Plug-ins Platform and updates UAD Software to v6.3

7th August 2012Cakewalk releases Z3TA+ 2 Waveshaping Synthesizer for Mac VST3 and AU

7th August 20122CAudio releases B2 Spatial Processor (Win & Mac; VST, AU & RTAS) and updates Perfect Storm bundle with Promo Pricing

7th August 2012Cloudkillers.com reaches 2 Million Comments and 20,000 Users

7th August 2012Mildon Studios releases R23 Reference Monitor - VST headphone calibrator for Windows

7th August 2012Centipeak releases "Drum Experience" Advanced Drum Sampler for Win and Mac (VST, AU & RTAS)

7th August 2012TOK-TOK releases Fratzoor and Distel - Free VSTis for Windows

6th August 2012Arte Nuovo releases Padsheaven for Zebra

6th August 2012Tone2 Audiosoftware updates Gladiator2 to v2.4 (incl. Mac 64 bit)

6th August 2012Gemini Audio releases KultComp Tube for Nebula3

6th August 2012Two Notes Audio Engineering updates PI-101 to 2.0.22

6th August 2012discoDSP updates Corona synth to R4.4

6th August 2012ProducerLoops.com releases 'Euro House Bundle (Vols 4-6)' Sample Pack

6th August 20128Dio announces "Hybrid Tools 2" and Crowd-Based "Free Radicals" for Kontakt

6th August 2012Kong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra, including 8 new instruments and QIN RV 2.0 engine upgrade

6th August 2012Beat and Synapse Audio update Zampler to v1.1

6th August 2012Soundiron releases "High School Drumcorps" v2.0 for Kontakt

5th August 2012Walter Cescato relaunches as Cescato Musiktechnologie and updates VST-MIDI Monitor to v3.0

5th August 2012ASL SoundLab releases Dubstep Automations Vol. 3 for NI Massive

5th August 2012RADO Records releases "Epic Battle" Sample Pack (WAV & RX2)

5th August 2012KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster to v2.5.4.142

5th August 2012Acousticsamples announces 2012 Summer Sale

5th August 2012Soundtrack Loops announces Remix Contest sponsored by Acoustica Mixcraft 6

5th August 2012HoRNet extends Summer Sale: ChannelStrip MK2 40% Off and MultiComp 15% Off until 1st September, 2012

5th August 2012SoundOutTheBox updates XTrack EQ32 to v1.0.0.4.Beta (VST2 / VST3 Win)

4th August 2012YummyBeats offers "Technology Drums" Sample Pack for free (for limited time)

3rd August 2012SonicXTC releases Liquid Verb - Free Modulated Reverb VST Effect for Windows

3rd August 2012Hypersynth starts Summer Sale (30% off SIDizer and Oresus)

3rd August 2012Solcito Musica releases Supertron v2.0

3rd August 2012HOFA-Plugins releases HOFA CD-Burn & DDP

2nd August 2012Sunsine Audio releases "Animation Vol 2 - Emulation" for Animoog

2nd August 2012Oscillicious updates BeatCleaver to v1.2.1

2nd August 2012The KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2012 Begins!

2nd August 2012Ice Planet Music releases Sylenth Trance Elements Vol. 1

2nd August 2012Secret Base Design releases Voxkit - Audio-Triggered Drum Controller for iOS

2nd August 2012Agile Partners updates AmpKit to v1.4: Announces Ashdown Engineering as an AmpKit Official Gear Partner, Launches "Setup Smackdown" Contest

2nd August 2012discoDSP releases Limits II Corona sound bank and announces Mac product line-up now Gatekeeper ready

1st August 2012Musicrow releases Jupiter Trip for Arturia Jupiter 8V

1st August 2012Equinox Sounds releases 'Timeless MIDI Keyboard Licks' sample pack

1st August 2012ProducerLoops.com releases 'RnB Dance Vol 4' Sample Pack

1st August 2012Secret Base Design releases "Spectral Eye" - Free FFT Visualizer for iOS

1st August 2012AudioThing updates Toy Piano for Kontakt and announces Summer Sale

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