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News Archive for September 2005

30th September 2005Zynewave releases Podium v1.4

29th September 2005Raw Material releases PPMulator v1.3

29th September 2005ag-works updates Sonogram SG-1 beta

29th September 2005Back In Time Records releases The Second Wave Pro

29th September 2005LUXONIX announces Purity

29th September 2005Wusikstation 1 available for US/CA$9.95 promo

29th September 2005SynthEdit beta v1.002 now available

29th September 2005Manytone announces ManyGuitar release date

28th September 2005MOTU releases MachFive v1.2.3 for OS X

28th September 2005Voxengo releases Vintage Modulator v1.3

28th September 2005Kong Audio updates ChineeKong (v2.6.2) and ChineeWinds (v1.6.2)

28th September 2005Scamme releases Oscill8tor v1.4

27th September 2005Crysonic releases Spectralive v2.0

27th September 2005LinPlug releases Cronox v3.0.4

27th September 2005Rob Papen / LinPlug update Albino to v2.2.1

27th September 2005Rayzoon releases DrumPak #1 for Jamstix

27th September 2005Sagan Technology Metro pre-release v6.3.2.4 now available

27th September 2005dfh Superior v1.5.1 released

26th September 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.8.3

26th September 2005NUSofting releases VSTPLOOGGin beta

26th September 2005[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack v1.1 (incl. COSpecialDelay)

26th September 2005Voltkitchen updates Arppe2600va to v2.1

26th September 2005CeloX releases megaCeloX v1.0

26th September 2005Plogue releases Bidule VST/AU v0.8751

26th September 2005Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.3.2

26th September 2005Arboretum releases Ray Gun Pro AU v3.1.2

26th September 2005Audio Hijack Pro v2.6.1 released

23rd September 2005Camel Audio releases Cameleon 5000 v1.6 (+New Soundbanks)

23rd September 2005Syntheway Strings v2.0 released

23rd September 2005Wusikstation v2.1.4 released

23rd September 2005Antares updates Auto-Tune to v4.3 (Win)

23rd September 2005Applied Acoustics Systems launches the AAS Modeling Collection

23rd September 2005NI releases Akoustik Piano

22nd September 2005Raw Material releases PPMulator public beta

22nd September 2005GTG Synths releases JP7A

22nd September 2005Rayzoon announces DrumPak #1 for Jamstix

22nd September 2005ag-works releases Sonogram SG-1 and Chorus CH-1 betas

22nd September 2005Steinberg announces Cubase SE3 release

22nd September 2005Odo releases TB-Unknown v2.0

22nd September 2005AAS announces Lounge Lizard EP-3

21st September 2005CDxtract releases Samplit

21st September 2005AudioMulch v0.9b21 released

21st September 2005Venusian Snail Traffic releases Ta-ta-poum v3.0

21st September 2005SonicBirth v1.0.2 available

21st September 2005PSP updates Nitro, PSP 42 and PSP 84

20th September 2005Audio Hijack Pro v2.6 released

20th September 2005PSP releases PSP 608 MultiDelay

20th September 2005Oli Larkin announces Dronebox2 and Polycomb

20th September 2005Buzzroom releases BuzComp CL series

20th September 2005SKnote releases Traks demo

20th September 2005Wave Arts releases FinalPlug 5

20th September 2005LinPlug CronoX v3.0.3 released

20th September 2005Kjaerhus Audio updates GCO-1 to v1.1.1

20th September 2005LUG / Camel Audio Group Buy - Save up to 44%

20th September 2005Precisionsound releases Langegard Pump Organ (HAL/KON)

19th September 2005ProXL releases VstNotes v1.0.1

19th September 2005Psychic Modulation releases Subconscious v1.1

19th September 2005Audio Damage releases FuzzPlus 2

19th September 2005VSTHost v1.33 released

19th September 2005Auto Gate/Expander and Side Chain Gate/Expander updated

19th September 2005PSP StereoPack v1.8 released (incl. for OSX)

19th September 2005Voltkitchen MinimogueVA v2.0 released

19th September 2005Acoustica v3.3 released

19th September 2005Wusikstation v2.1.3 released

16th September 2005Rob Papen releases Albino v2.2

16th September 2005Sonic Flavours R66 Reverb Group Buy

16th September 2005Toontrack releases Superior v1.5

16th September 2005WWAYM updates Dynamix to v1.5 (+releases OS X version)

16th September 2005The Ugly VSTi Interface v0.3 released

16th September 2005SAWStudio / Lite v3.9i and Basic v1.4i released

15th September 2005UltimateSoundBank releases EthnicBoomBox for GarageBand

15th September 2005finalfloyd.com releases SoundCell ONE for EVE ONE

15th September 2005[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack v1.0 for Windows

15th September 2005Biolabs Absynth Research Competition - Win $99 worth of Presets and Samples

15th September 2005Groove Monkee releases Electronic for BFD

15th September 2005n-Track Studio v4.1 released

14th September 2005Wave Arts announces Power Suite 5 (+releases MultiDynamics v5.0.3)

14th September 2005Yamaha releases Vocaloid v1.1.1

14th September 2005Voxengo updates Soniformer (v2.4) and Audio Delay (v1.1)

13th September 2005Renoise updated to v1.5.1

13th September 2005Spectrasonics releases New Orleans Strut Library to benefit hurricane victims

13th September 2005BeRoTracker updated (now alpha release)

13th September 2005Intuem v3.5 released

12th September 2005Quik Quak updates RaySpace to v1.8

12th September 2005Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v3.8.2

12th September 2005polyIblit updated to v1.1.3.2

12th September 2005dblue releases Glitch v1.1.9

12th September 2005Devine Machine releases OneShot Recorder

12th September 2005Way Out Ware releases TimewARP 2600

12th September 2005Voxengo updates SPAN, OldSkoolVerb, EssEQ & Tube Amp

12th September 2005DFX Geometer v1.1.1 (Win) & RMS Buddy v1.1.2 (AU) released

12th September 2005Audio Damage updates DubStation to v1.0.2 (Win only)

12th September 2005Volko Baglama v1.0.2 released

12th September 2005Wusikstation v2.1.2 released

12th September 2005BIAS updates Peak Pro to v5.0.1

9th September 2005CamelSpace v1.15 and CamelPhat v3.15 released

9th September 2005Overture v4.0 patch 1 now available

9th September 2005Fervent Software releases Studio to Go! v1.5

8th September 2005Korg announces the Legacy Collection - Digital Edition (incl. M1)

8th September 2005Boris K. releases Equipoise demo version

7th September 2005Steinberg ships Studio Case II worldwide

7th September 2005JC Productionz releases Arch Avenger Pro

7th September 2005Antares releases AVOX Vocal Toolkit

7th September 2005Cakewalk announces SONAR 5

6th September 2005AU versions of several mda plug-ins now available

6th September 2005VSTunnel v1.2 released (Online Collaboration plug-in)

6th September 2005Camel Audio releases Biolabs Absynth Research Sounds

6th September 2005Steinberg releases Nuendo v3.1.0.934

6th September 2005UltimateSoundBank releases ClassicalBoomBox

6th September 2005Wusikstation Limited Time Discount Offer

5th September 2005Liquid Electric Bass demo version (+updates) released

5th September 2005Kotkas releases Paax 2 Pro demo version

5th September 2005Geniesoft Inc. announces Overture 4 (incl. pre-release offer)

5th September 2005Wusikstation v2.1.1 released

5th September 2005FabFilter updates One (v3.0.2) and Volcano (v1.1.1)

5th September 2005Audio Damage updates DubStation to v1.0.1 (Win only)

2nd September 2005H. G. Fortune releases ProtoPlasm

2nd September 2005SonicBirth v1.0.1 released (runtime now free)

2nd September 2005CodeOperator releases PlugAdmin v1.0 for Windows

2nd September 2005posihfopit updated to v1.2.1

2nd September 2005Auto Gate/Expander and Side Chain Gate/Expander updated

2nd September 2005Polac VST Loaders for Buzz v1.1.9.7 released

2nd September 2005CodeOperator releases DelayPack v1.0 for OS X

2nd September 2005Les Productions Zvon releases Marching Band Horn for EVE

2nd September 2005Zero-G releases Dance Pack 2 for GarageBand

1st September 2005Kong Audio releases MiniErHu

1st September 2005Voxengo releases CurveEQ v2.3

1st September 2005Arboretum updates Ray Gun Pro AU to v3.1.1