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News Archive for September 2007

28th September 2007FREE Tickets for the 123rd AES Exhibition (New York, October 5th - 8th)

28th September 2007Oli Larkin releases Endless Series Version 2

28th September 2007Soniccouture release Hang Drum for Kontakt

28th September 2007Retro Sampling releases Vintage Tape Delay v1.0

28th September 2007MIDIKarval releases B4 Controller v1.0

28th September 2007TubeOhm releases Fluid v1.0

28th September 2007Recording School Online releases Extreme Warmth v1.0

28th September 2007Scarbee releases Black Bass Amped 1-4 for Kontakt 2

28th September 2007Precisionsound releases Moldova Concert Cimbalom for HALion & Kontakt

28th September 2007Sounds And Effects releases Electrified! guitars [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

28th September 2007Apple updates GarageBand '08 to v4.1

28th September 2007Sugar Bytes updates Artillery to v2.0.2

28th September 2007VirSyn updates Reflect to v1.1.1

28th September 2007Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.8.1

26th September 2007Image Line releases PoiZone 2

26th September 2007Audio Damage updates Liquid VST to v1.0.1

26th September 2007Image Line updates Deckadance to v1.14

26th September 2007EdgeSounds releases SoniqBear GM120Pro [GM SF2]

26th September 2007Voxengo updates BMS to v1.2 and PHA-979 to v1.3

25th September 2007Dusted William Sounds releases Funky Ass Drum Loops [WAV]

25th September 2007discoDSP offering 40% off Discovery, Vertigo and Phantom to KVR members

25th September 2007u-he releases Oldskool Vol 1+2 for Zebra2

25th September 2007Michael Kingston Productions updates RetroBand and RetroBandLite to v1.5.7

25th September 2007Sony Creative Software updates Sound Forge Audio Studio to v9.0b

25th September 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.3.

24th September 2007Steinberg announces Nuendo 4

24th September 2007tubePlug updated to v1.11

24th September 2007Garritan releases Concert and Marching Band Library

24th September 2007Starplugs updates Starplugs Delay to v1.10

24th September 2007Sinevibes updates Space Oscillator (v1.1.2) and Transformer (v1.5.4)

21st September 2007Audio Damage releases Fluid - Analog-modeled Chorus

21st September 2007Audio Ease releases Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur India Impulse Responses for Altiverb

21st September 2007Apple updates MainStage to v1.0.1

21st September 2007TwistedWave updated to v1.1

21st September 2007Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.8

21st September 2007Flux updates all plug-ins to v1.2.0.16

21st September 2007Wusik releases Wusik Tools: ARP, Melody and Over-Sampler

21st September 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v3.22 beta 2

21st September 2007iZotope updates Ozone (v3.13), Trash (v1.12) and Spectron (v1.12)

20th September 2007Camel Audio releases Starscape Sounds for Absynth and Biolabs Massive Sounds for Massive

20th September 2007Puremagnetik releases Punchpak - Sounds of the Classic Nintendo Console [LIVE|KON|EXS]

20th September 2007Goldbaby Productions releases MPC60 Vol 2 (Vinyl) [WAV|GURU|...]

20th September 2007Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX for Mac/AU to v1.6.1

20th September 2007VirSyn updates Reflect to v1.1

20th September 2007Waldorf updates Waldorf Edition for Mac to v1.2.6

19th September 2007Cakewalk releases SONAR 7 Producer Edition and SONAR 7 Studio Edition

19th September 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v3.22 beta 1

19th September 2007Access Music releases Virus TI OS v2.5.1

19th September 2007discoDSP Discovery Pro now available for Receptor

18th September 2007Redmatica announces Keymap v1.5 and the Redmatica Compendium v1.5 suite

18th September 2007SONiVOX releases Sonic Implants Symphonic Harp for Kontakt

18th September 2007Expert Sleepers releases Meringue for Windows

18th September 2007Jayzen Sound releases Cremona Electric Bass Guitar [GIG|SF2]

18th September 2007Nine Volt Audio releases Funky Rex Guitars: Interlocked Groove Edition [REX|RMX|ReFill]

18th September 2007Digital Sound Factory announces E-MU Emax, ESi-32, and Emulator IV SoundFont libraries

18th September 2007AudioRealism updates ADM to v1.0.1

18th September 2007Voxengo updates Warmifier to v1.6 and Vintage Modulator to v1.4

17th September 2007Way Out Ware releases TimewARP 2600 v1.3 for Mac OS X (incl. Universal Binary)

17th September 2007Audiofile Engineering acquires Rax and releases v2.1 RC2

17th September 2007MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.92 beta

17th September 2007Rocksonics Professional Audio releases Telephone

17th September 2007KeyTosound updates Nexsyn and Nexsyn LE to v1.1r10

17th September 2007Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ series to v3.2

17th September 2007Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth to v1.1.1

17th September 2007macProVideo.com releases Logic 8: A First Look At Logic Studio (tutorial videos)

17th September 2007Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Phaser

17th September 2007Overloud releases Breverb

17th September 2007db audioware updates Sidechain Compressor and Sidechain Gate to v1.1

17th September 2007SoundFonts.it releases Tape Echo GS-201

17th September 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.21

17th September 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.6.3

17th September 2007b.serrano releases Adonis

17th September 2007Voxengo updates LF-Punch v1.4

14th September 2007ModernBeats releases Urban Guitar Loops 2 [ACID|WAV]

14th September 2007Sounds And Effects releases Pure Acoustic guitars for Kontakt

14th September 2007PowerFX releases Burning Circuits and Toy 'n Voice [ACID|WAV]

14th September 2007Meyer Musicmedia releases ESV 1 for V-Station

14th September 2007Voxengo updates LF-Max to v1.1

14th September 2007Wusik releases Wusik Tool Over-Sampler

14th September 2007VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v2.1

14th September 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v3.21 beta 1

14th September 2007KeyToSound releases Production Pack public beta

13th September 2007Mu Technologies updates Mu Voice v1.0.1

13th September 2007Flux updates entire plug-in range

13th September 2007Native Instruments announces new Komplete range (Komplete 5, Komplete Synths, Komplete Classics)

13th September 2007Native Instruments announces Kontakt 3

13th September 2007The Musicrow Group updates Vinyl Boy to v1.09

13th September 2007Sugar Bytes releases Unique LE

13th September 2007Luxonix updates LFX-1310 to v1.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

13th September 2007Native Instruments announces Guitar Rig 3

13th September 2007FASoft updates n-Track Studio to 5.1.1

13th September 2007Voxengo updates Soniformer to v2.6

13th September 2007RSO releases The Singer Songwriter Music Mixing Guide (Video)

12th September 2007Apple unveils Logic Studio (incl. Logic Pro 8 and MainStage)

12th September 2007Mixosaurus Expert Virtual Drums released

12th September 2007Metric Halo releases ChannelStrip v2.2 Universal Binary for all Mac plug-in formats

12th September 2007Arturia announces Analog Factory v2.0

12th September 2007Rayzoon Technologies updates Jamstix to v2.0.17

11th September 2007KVR Developer Challenge 2007 - Entries In; Downloads Available; 41 New Plug-ins / Apps; All Free!

11th September 2007Yellow Tools releases Independence Free 2.0 (+announces Independence 2.0)

11th September 2007Steinberg introduces WaveLab Essential 6

11th September 2007Way Out Ware releases KikAxxe

11th September 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v3.20 beta

11th September 2007zplane.development updates vielklang to v1.0.2 build 27

10th September 2007Naokit72 updates Saxi Player (v1.1) and Saxi Player Pro (v0.9.4)

10th September 2007MusicLab releases RealStrat

10th September 2007Bram @ Smart Electronix's s(M)exoscope now a Universal Binary

10th September 2007Jonathan Schmid-Burgk releases VisualVox VST

10th September 2007Starplugs releases Rubicon

10th September 2007Wusik announces Wusik Tools - Melody, ARP and Over-Sampler

10th September 2007nashNET releases reViSiT v0.91 Beta

10th September 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.2

10th September 2007Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.8

10th September 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.6.2

10th September 2007Voxengo updates CurveEQ to v2.6

7th September 2007Odo releases Double Six

7th September 2007nX-Sound releases nX-Synth ONE v1.0.3

7th September 2007de la Mancha releases sumo

7th September 2007Ableton updates Live 6 and Live 6 LE to v6.0.10

7th September 2007Sagan Technology Metro v6.4 Pre-Release now available

7th September 2007Sound Quest updates Midi Quest v10.0.4

7th September 2007Physical Music updates Time Freezer to v2.1 and announces AU version

7th September 2007Apple updates Pro Application Support to v4.0.2

7th September 2007Voxengo updates Crunchessor to v1.8

6th September 2007Adobe announces Audition 3

6th September 2007Mackie updates Tracktion to v3.0.3.3

6th September 2007Cockos releases REAPER v2.0 beta

6th September 2007tubePlug v1.10 now available

5th September 2007Image-Line releases Morphine v1.2

5th September 2007IK Multimedia releases SampleTank v2.5

5th September 2007Goldbaby Productions releases The Tape808 [BAT|iDrum|Guru|...]

5th September 2007discoDSP updates Discovery Pro to Release 2 Build 2

5th September 2007Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Dub, U-NO-60, Chorus-60 and Vintager

4th September 2007Atomsplitter Audio releases Pulsation (beta)

4th September 2007Modartt releases three new instrument add-ons for Pianoteq

4th September 2007Sion Software releases QuickAudio v2.0

4th September 2007Voxengo updates SPAN to v1.9.1

3rd September 2007FabFilter updates FabFilter Pro-C to v1.01

3rd September 2007AudioRealism releases AudioRealism Drum Machine (ADM) v1.0

3rd September 2007Grushenko releases Subtilior4 v1.6

3rd September 2007MusE v0.9 Now Available

3rd September 2007Freeverb3 v2.0 / Freeverb3 VST v1.8 now available

3rd September 2007Frieve updates Music Studio Independence & Producer to v1.23

3rd September 2007Naokit72 releases Saxi Player Pro v0.9.3 (beta)

3rd September 2007Jeroen Breebaart updates Barricade to v1.0.4 and SEND to v1.0.1

3rd September 2007Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.7.2

3rd September 2007HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.1.1