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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.8


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to v1.0.8.

You can now Send MIDI and SYSEX to external devices from within your VST plugins. In this release there are 4 new components which allow you to select MIDI devices from within an exported plugin and send data to or receive data from them.

MIDI In Devices and MIDI Out Devices give you lists of available devices on the host machine. You can then use this in your GUI as a drop list or set of options for users to select from. The chosen device can then be activated using the MIDI In Select and MIDI Out Select components. To make things easy there are two new modules in the MIDI group that will do all this for you (MIDI In Select and MIDI Out Select).

There are also some new components for handling double precision floating point numbers. These have been introduced primarily to solve a problem with the Wave Player where the sample position becomes inaccurate under certain conditions (usually with longer samples and non-integer steps) causing pitch variations as you play.

In addition there are many important fixes and improvements.

Additions and Fixes:

  • Send MIDI and SYSEX to external devices from within your VST plugins.
  • New components for handling double precision stream data.
  • Wave Player module now uses high precision counter to fix pitch variations when playing long samples.
  • Fixed Redraw Limiter which was sending too many triggers.
  • Fixed VST Editor Open component which was causing strange results when using multiple instances of a plugin.
  • The Note to Int component has been fixed and now gives the correct result.
  • Stuttering when changing presets has been significantly improved now.
  • Program change messages were not being received via MIDI.
  • The Bus Create component was sending triggers through the bus when changing names.
  • Updated the step LFO module to correct tempo dependency in the smooth display.
  • Improved full screen mode for exes. You can now move the window and maximise on the monitor you want.
  • Removed superfluous counters from the Preset Manager.
  • Updated the Example Synth to use new de-zippers and Preset Manager.
  • Updated the de-zipper module to correct a problem that was preventing correct rendering of automation.
  • Fixed a bug in the preset changing mechanism that was causing crashes in some hosts, Live in particular.
  • In the Horizontal Slider properties the MIDI cc and Steps check boxes were interchanged.
  • Corrected a problem in the Advanced Counter that was affecting use of negative boundaries.
  • Updated the ADSR module to correct a problem when using in a Mono section.
  • Updated the Moog Filter module with a sensible multiplier for cutoff modulation.

Updated Modules

  • Wave Player
  • Step LFO
  • De-zipper
  • Preset Manager
  • ADSR
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Moog Filter

New Modules

  • MIDI In Select
  • MIDI Out Select

New Components

  • MIDI In Devices
  • MIDI In Select
  • MIDI Out Devices
  • MIDI Out Select
  • Stream to Double
  • Double to Stream
  • Double Stream Add
  • Double Stream Subtract
  • Double Stream Multiply
  • Double Round Nearest


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