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News Archive for October 2004

30th October 2004Buzzroom releases BuzVintageMaxi v0.1

30th October 2004Spectrasonics Stylus RMX updated to v1.0.5

29th October 2004iZotope releases their plug-ins for OS X (+updates for Win)

29th October 2004NI announces Absynth 3

29th October 2004NI announces Guitar Rig v1.2

29th October 2004BIAS announces SoundSoap 2

29th October 2004E-MU announces Emulator X v1.5

29th October 2004E-MU launches Vintage X Pro Libraries

29th October 2004Steinberg announces Nuendo 3

29th October 2004MusicLab updates RealGuitar (AU) to v1.5.3

28th October 2004Muse Research Ships v1.0.1 Software for Receptor

28th October 2004Sony announces ACID Pro 5

28th October 2004Big Tick Rhino updated to v2.0.1

28th October 2004e-LAB updates Obsession AU to v1.1.2

28th October 2004Cycling '74 announces Pluggo for Windows

28th October 2004Cycling '74 releases Incidental Gesture Sound Library

28th October 2004Plugzilla adds 8 Channel output, reduced price & 2016 reverb

28th October 2004IK/SR Sonik Synth 2 release date announced

28th October 2004E-MU announces Proteus X

28th October 2004Arturia announces ARP2600 V

28th October 2004SpinAudio updates Virtual Mixing Console to v1.12 build 130

28th October 2004GVST releases GClip, GHi and GLow

28th October 2004Slim Slow Slider C3 Multi Band Compressor ported to OS X

28th October 2004SpearGear releases Raspier Bass Guitar

28th October 2004LazySnake updated to v0.8.2

27th October 2004energyXT v1.2.8 released

27th October 2004USB releases X-treme FX

27th October 2004Applied Acoustics Systems releases Ultra Analog VA-1

26th October 2004FXpansion releases BFD 8 Bit Kit Expansion Pack

26th October 2004Phasic releases PHEnvFilterVST beta

26th October 2004TazMan updates VocController to v1.2 and announces TheExtractor

26th October 2004PQN AUDIO VstSeq v0.9c released

26th October 2004VSTHost v1.16 and SAVIHost v1.08 released

26th October 2004Drvarek Bojan releases MIDI Flanger v1.0

25th October 2004Spectrasonics releases Stylus RMX Realtime Groove Module

25th October 2004reViSiT updated to v0.85.5

25th October 2004ConcreteFX updates Adder to v1.5 and Digital to v1.4

25th October 2004Native Instruments Battery 2 released

25th October 2004NI updates 'Powered By' Intakt & Kompakt modules

25th October 2004Virtuasonic releases MIJOY

25th October 2004Wizoo releases Darbuka & Latigo demo versions

25th October 2004Broomstick Bass demo version available

25th October 2004delaydots releases Sound designers | Spectral Suite

25th October 2004Precisionsound releases Demonic - Voices from hell

25th October 2004Softrave releases Harmonium v1.0

25th October 2004impOSCar Audio Unit updated

24th October 2004Andreas Ersson releases LazySnake Electric Piano v0.8

24th October 2004Tweakbench updates all plug-ins

22nd October 2004PHInterfereVST v1.0 released

22nd October 2004FXpansion VST-AU Adapter v1.5 released

22nd October 2004NI updates B4, FM7, Guitar Rig & Kontakt Player

22nd October 2004Zvon Prepared Rhodes sampleset released

22nd October 2004VSL Horizon Series for HALion & Kontakt

22nd October 2004n-Track Studio v4.0.1 build 1701 released

22nd October 2004SAVIHost v1.07 released

22nd October 2004Niall Moody releases Niall's Pedal Board

22nd October 2004NuBi updated to v0.1.3

22nd October 2004USB updates plug-ins for AU compatibility

22nd October 2004Steinberg announces Cubase SL3 release date

21st October 2004apulSoft ports several open source plug-ins to OS X VST/AU

21st October 2004Klanglabs Synodeia v1.0 released

21st October 2004Princeton Digital updates 2016 Stereo Room to v1.0.1

20th October 2004Native Instruments reissues Reaktor Electronic Instruments 1

20th October 2004u-he releases Zebra v1.5 build 10

20th October 2004Wusikstation v1.0.8 released

20th October 2004Safwan Matni releases Accordion

20th October 2004reViSiT v0.85.4 released

20th October 2004VSamp v3.4.4 released

20th October 2004Logic Pro v6.4.3 released

20th October 2004Kjaerhus Audio releases Golden Peak-Pressor | GPP-1

19th October 2004Textures for Rhino released

19th October 2004Slim Slow Slider updates

19th October 2004IK updates SampleTank to v2.0.8

19th October 2004Maxx Claster releases eJ v2.0 beta

19th October 2004SynthEdit v0.957.5 released

19th October 2004Voxengo Pristine Space v1.3 released

19th October 2004Monokey released

18th October 2004Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks Volume V

18th October 2004JustJ Robosynth released

18th October 2004Buzzroom updates BuzMaxi & BuzComp Free

18th October 2004qSonic sonicOne v1.3 released

18th October 2004MrRay v2.1 released

18th October 2004SoundFont Synth updated to v1.2.3

18th October 2004Tascam GigaStudio updated to v3.0.2

16th October 2004Sonalksis releases CQ1 & DQ1

15th October 2004Phasic release PHInterfereVST beta

15th October 2004AAS announces Ultra Analog VA-1

15th October 2004IK Multimedia releases Six Sonik Capsules

15th October 2004BetabugsAudio releases Crayon Filter

15th October 2004ToTc Productions releases SkematiX for Drumatic

15th October 2004Dash Signature updates EVE to v1.4h

15th October 2004Granted Software updates Rax to v1.2.1

15th October 2004White Noise Audio releases Zero Vector

14th October 2004Basement Arts releases Reflex for OS X

14th October 2004Princeton Digital releases 2016 Stereo Room

14th October 2004ToTc Productions releases Sonic-Soundz for FreeSonic

14th October 2004TubeBaby updated to v1.0.1

14th October 2004Image Line Sytrus v1.2 released

13th October 2004Swar Systems News (inc. SwarPlug AU)

13th October 2004Ableton Live v4.0.4 released

13th October 2004SAWStudio v3.9 (Basic v1.4) released

13th October 2004NuBi v0.1.2 released

13th October 2004MusicLab releases RealGuitar Audio Unit

12th October 2004Wizoo releases Darbuka and Latigo percussion instruments

12th October 2004ModernBeats releases Vinyl Scratchez 2

12th October 2004rgc:audio updates Pentagon I to v1.4

12th October 2004Voxengo Lampthruster v2.0 released

12th October 2004VSTHost v1.15 and SAVIHost v1.06 released

12th October 2004e-LAB Obsession (AU) updated

11th October 2004New instruments for SampleTank 2 FREE

11th October 2004VirSyn updates Cube, Tera & Cantor

11th October 2004Green Oak Crystal (AU) updated to v2.4.9b

11th October 2004GComp, GGate and GRevDly released

11th October 2004White Noise Audio releases Zero Vector demo

11th October 2004Roar Bleed released

11th October 2004Scamme releases WaveSamplerXL

11th October 2004TubeBaby v1.0 released

11th October 2004Precisionsound releases Celtic Whistles for HALion / Kontakt

11th October 2004Zvon Drum Kits and Marching Band Horn available

10th October 2004Psychic Modulation updates Cerebrum to v2.2.1

10th October 2004Apari MK-Kodachi released

10th October 2004M-Tron & Oddity Audio Units updated

9th October 2004Altiverb updated to v4.1.7

9th October 2004Lucifer updated to v1.2.1

8th October 2004Korg releases Legacy Collection demo (+updates AU to v1.1.1)

8th October 2004Spectrasonics updates Atmosphere, Stylus & Trilogy (AU)

8th October 2004Zero-G Sounds of the 70s released

8th October 2004Zero-G releases ProPack for GarageBand

8th October 2004AU303 updated to v1.0.4

8th October 2004Hermann Seib releases SAVIHost v1.05

8th October 2004Vienna Symphonic Library - 50% Student Discount

8th October 2004Psychic Modulation updates Minimal & Optik to v1.1

8th October 2004Tascam GigaStudio v3.0.1 update available

8th October 2004Arturia Minimoog V updated to v1.1

8th October 2004SynthEdit updated to v0.957.3

8th October 2004iZotope releases Vinyl v1.7 (inc. OS X)

7th October 2004Audiorealism Bass Line v1.5.0.4 released (plus demo)

7th October 2004apTrigga v2.1 released

7th October 2004Kjaerhus Audio updates the Gold Series

7th October 2004Chopitch updated to v0.8.6

7th October 2004Arturia CS-80V v1.2 released

7th October 2004Metric Halo releases ChannelStrip v2.0 for OS X

7th October 2004reViSiT updated to v0.85.3

7th October 2004VSTHost updated to v1.14

7th October 2004ProSounds release the Albino Collection v2

6th October 2004Granted Software releases Rax v1.2

6th October 2004FabFilter One updated to v3.0.1 (OS X)

6th October 2004LinPlug updates Alpha (v2.2.1) and daOrgan (v2.1.1)

5th October 2004Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack Pro to v2.1

5th October 2004ZynAddSubFX updated to v2.1.1

5th October 2004BPM 120 Beat & Percussion Module released

5th October 2004Sonalksis updates SV-517 and SV-315

5th October 2004Sonic Assault Sam! v1.2 and v2.1 released

5th October 2004Synthogy releases Ivory Grand Pianos

5th October 2004Kiesel Helga v1.0.3 released

4th October 2004Ohm Force updates all their AudioUnits

4th October 2004Symptohm: Melohman updated to v1.0.7

4th October 2004HALion v3.0.1.538 update released

4th October 2004SpinAudio Virtual Mixing Console v1.1 released

4th October 2004GB Steptime Loops v1.1 released

4th October 2004Blue Cat Digital Peak Meter v1.0 released

4th October 2004Precision Sound releases Privilege Flute SampleSet

4th October 2004Voxengo Voxformer v1.3 released

3rd October 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0.6 released

2nd October 2004MOTU Digital Performer v4.5 released

2nd October 2004Expert Sleepers Phaser v1.1.1 released

2nd October 2004Christian Budde (ITA) releases VST Plugin Analyser

2nd October 2004Beta Monkey Music releases two REX2 Rock loops libraries

2nd October 2004Jack OS X v0.5 released

2nd October 2004apulSoft WormHole v1.2 released (inc. Windows)

2nd October 2004GlareSoft releases pHATmatik PROv1.2.2 (AU) & iDrum v1.0.1

1st October 2004Native Instruments announces Battery 2

1st October 2004ZynAddSubFX v2.1 released

1st October 2004discoDSP releases Synthesizer Legacy Bundle