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News Archive for November 2004

30th November 2004Rhythm'n'Chords Pro v2.6 released

30th November 2004BetabugsAudio releases FLOFIdeluxe

30th November 2004Demo versions of Charlie, Ultra Focus & X-treme FX released

30th November 2004Time Control Productions releases BizuneVST

30th November 2004Virtuasonic COMBSCAPE v1.0 demo released

30th November 2004Rephrase updated to v1.1.1

30th November 2004Plogue Bidule v0.7001 released

30th November 2004Psychic Modulation updates Optik & Minimal

30th November 2004BIAS SoundSoap v2.0 now shipping (+special offers)

30th November 2004Voxengo Voxformer v1.4 released

29th November 2004Sonicbytes ERA updated to v1.2.2

29th November 2004Minky Starshine v1.0 released

29th November 2004Paax updated to v1.1

29th November 2004NuBi v0.1.7.1 released

29th November 2004Ugo Texture v1.2 released (+patches for WNAdditive and Vertigo)

29th November 2004n-Track Studio v4.0.3 released

29th November 2004Synthmaker v0.9.0f released

26th November 2004Wusikstation v1.0.9 released

26th November 2004discoDSP Phantom updated to v1.2

26th November 2004Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v4.1.9

26th November 2004SynthFont updated to v0.9.9.1

26th November 2004MutantKoto, Mukoco & Macomate updated

26th November 2004Sonshayne MoonBase v1.8 released

26th November 2004Sonicbytes ERA updated to v1.2.1 (+price reductions)

26th November 2004Arguru releases Aodix 4 & Stardust v1.3

26th November 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0.7 released

25th November 2004Maxx Claster eJ updated to v2.0.1

25th November 2004Extreme Sample Converter v2.2 released

24th November 2004AAS updates Ultra Analog VA-1 to v1.0.1

24th November 2004Zynewave Podium v1.2 released

24th November 2004SoundFont Synth v2.0 released

24th November 2004New banks uploaded

24th November 2004EVM Bassline v1.1 released

24th November 2004JustJ Robosynth updated to v1.0.1

24th November 2004Virtuasonic MIJOY updated to v1.5

24th November 2004Analog Box v2.3.3 released

24th November 2004Classic Oberheim 1 bank for Rhino

23rd November 2004Plogue Bidule v0.7 released

23rd November 2004EastWest/Zero-G Virtual Instrument Collection released

23rd November 2004LUXONIX announces Ravity16

23rd November 2004Fretted Synth Audio releases Tripp Lead

23rd November 2004Voxengo releases Analogflux suite

23rd November 2004NI updates B4, Pro-53, Guitar Rig & Spektral Delay

23rd November 2004Delaydots Sound designers | Spectral Suite VST OSX released

23rd November 2004pHATmatik PRO AU v1.2.3 released

23rd November 2004SKnote updates Solo to v0.0.6

23rd November 2004Ricko-3A released

23rd November 2004VSTHost (v1.20) and SAVIHost (V1.11) updated

23rd November 2004b.serrano releases Pulsar v2.1

22nd November 2004FL Studio 5 released

22nd November 2004Macomate 88 v0.9.1 released

22nd November 2004ORGANized trio v3.0 released

22nd November 2004Kotkas releases Paax v1.0

22nd November 2004VSampler v3.5 RC2 released

22nd November 2004MjHarmonicPingOnly released

22nd November 2004ConcreteFX releases Buffered

22nd November 2004ndc Plugs releases Cycle Shifter

22nd November 2004Audio Damage releases Discord and Deverb

22nd November 2004MonoKey updated to v0.0.3

22nd November 2004SynthEdit v0.958.3 beta released

22nd November 2004apulSoft ports Ticky Clav to OS X

22nd November 2004Wave Arts updates Power Suite to v4.0.7

22nd November 2004energyXT v1.2.9 released

20th November 2004expert sleepers releases Minky Starshine v1.0 beta1

20th November 2004Sonoma Wire Works releases Sonoma 7

20th November 2004ConcreteFX updates Kubik to v1.1b

20th November 2004Rephrase updated to v1.1

20th November 2004Audacity v1.2.3 released

20th November 2004Audio Ease updates the VST-MAS Wrapper to v4.1

19th November 2004VirSyn offers D'Cota -> TERA 2 Cross-grade

19th November 2004TriDirt updated to v1.0.1

19th November 2004Metro v6.2.2.1 released

19th November 2004iZotope updates Ozone, Spectron and Trash

19th November 2004LazySnake updated to v0.8.3

18th November 2004Crystal gets a new look

18th November 2004Safwan Matni releases ELROG v1.0

18th November 2004Virtuasonic updates MIJOY to v1.3

18th November 2004blocc releases SimpleGate v1.0

18th November 2004n-Track Studio v4.0.2 released

18th November 2004CutterMusic releases Revitar 2

18th November 2004TazMan-Audio releases TheExtractor

18th November 2004Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.0.8

18th November 2004VSTHost (v1.19) and SAVIHost (v1.10) updated

18th November 2004M-Tron v4.6 released

18th November 2004Maxx Claster releases eJ v2.0

18th November 2004Camel Audio releases Biomechaniks sound bank

18th November 2004SKnote Solo updated to v0.0.5

18th November 2004SpearGear DX-44 v1.7 released

16th November 2004AriesCode AriesVerb v0.1 released

16th November 2004Acon Digital Media releases Studio Time

16th November 2004The ANWIDA Soft Crazy Week

16th November 2004Leapfrog Audio releases Rephrase

16th November 2004Orion Platinum v5.8 released

15th November 2004iZotope Ozone updated to v3.0.6

15th November 2004apulSoft ports Cyanide v2.0 to OS X (+updates)

15th November 2004Coyote releases Centrifuge

15th November 2004Making Waves v5.0.1 released

15th November 2004ExsManager v2.7 released

15th November 2004Stratos updated to v1.2

15th November 2004Tascam updates GigaStudio to v3.0.3

15th November 2004Wusikstation: The Second Wave released

15th November 2004Dash Signature releases HQS2 MiniMoog SoundSet for EVE and WusikStation

12th November 2004SynthFont updated to v0.9.9

12th November 2004VSTHost (v1.18) and SAVIHost (v1.09) updated

12th November 2004Big Tick Rhino updated to v2.0.2

11th November 2004Steinberg announces Virtual Bassist

11th November 2004NI Battery 2 demo version now available

11th November 2004Audio Ease releases Rocket Science Bundle v3.0.2

11th November 2004Vocaloid Meiko released

11th November 2004BIAS Peak updated to v4.1.3

10th November 2004LUXONIX updates LFX-1310 to v1.0.3

10th November 2004Project Sam True Strike 1 announced

10th November 2004Stratos v1.0 released

10th November 2004Intuem RW v3.0 released

10th November 2004Precisionsound releases Nordic Upright Piano for HALion & Kontakt

10th November 2004SoundFont Synth updated to v1.2.4

9th November 2004SQ4² v1.54.01 released

9th November 2004Renoise v1.5 public beta available (inc. OSX)

8th November 2004Wusikstation updated to v1.0.8b

8th November 2004NI updates Spektral Delay to v1.5.7 (OSX)

8th November 2004Access announces the Virus TI (Total Integration)

8th November 2004ukmChorus2 released

8th November 2004apulSoft ports Cheeze Machine and Linear Phase GraphicEQ to OSX

8th November 2004ConcreteFX updates Kubik to v1.1a (+discount offer)

8th November 2004Maxx Claster updates Bazzoid to v2.2.5

8th November 2004Extreme Sample Converter v2.1 released

8th November 2004SynthEdit v0.958.1 released

8th November 2004Dash Signature slashes EVE's price until Xmas

8th November 2004ProSounds adds AU support to Essential Basses

8th November 2004Voxengo Crunchessor v1.2 released

8th November 2004BuzMaxi v2.0 released

5th November 2004URS releases Classic Console EQ AU

5th November 2004ToTc releases WS Vol.1: Basses for Wusikstation

5th November 2004SAWStudio v3.9a (Basic v1.4a) released

4th November 2004Cameleon 5000 - KVR special offer

4th November 2004Cakewalk Sonar v4.0.1 released

4th November 2004Elemental Audio updates Firium and Eqium to v2.1

4th November 2004Ultra Analog VA-1 demo version released

2nd November 2004JustJ RoboDrum v1.0 released

2nd November 2004Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600 announced

2nd November 2004Kjaerhus Audio updates The Classic Series

1st November 2004BuzComp Free v1.1 & BuzVintageMaxi v0.2 released

1st November 2004SynthEdit v0.957.8 released

1st November 2004Slim Slow Slider updates C3 to v1.2.10

1st November 2004NI updates Kontakt AU

1st November 2004Sonic Assault Font! and Wave! updated

1st November 2004Sonasphere v1.2 (build 14) beta released

1st November 2004Blue Cat SpacePhaser, Digital Peak Meter 1.1 and DPM Pro

1st November 2004Yellow Tools: Culture & Majestic AU betas (+Pure Series sample libs)

1st November 2004expert sleepers release Latency Fixer v1.0