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SynthFont updated to v0.9.9

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont has been updated to v0.9.9 including a much improved Viena SoundFont editor.

New features:
  • Introduced two view modes: "Basic View" and "Expert View". Go to main menu "View" to change mode.
  • You can now edit generator values for splits and layers directly in the tables.
  • SynthFont uses internally the channel numbers 0..15 as these are the numbers used in MIDI messages. Now you can change the DISPLAYED numbers to the range 1..16 (as used by many sequencers). Go to Setup/Options to do this.
  • In Viena: The Presets Cache feature is now activated.
  • In Viena: Simplified copy/paste of several presets in one operation. You can use this to split a large SF into several smaller ones.
  • An new tool to make it easy to change MIDI channels to the upper slot range (16..31). There are internally 32 MIDI channels in two slots: the standard slot 0..15 and the extended slot 16..31.
  • The Low Pass Filter behaves now more like the SBLive's filter and does not damp high frequencies so much as before.
  • Playlists can be saved in a different files now.
  • In Explorer, the Play button plays either all files in the current folder or selected files only.

Bug fixes:

  • Some Program Change messages were lost when reading a MIDI file.
  • Program Changes messages were not always updated correctly in the Tracks list (although used correctly).
  • In Viena: Cut/Copy/Paste did not always work (in fact, seldom worked).
  • In Viena: Editing a presets name and/or Bank:Index values not OK.
  • In Viena: wrong sample was used when creating a new split in an instrument and using a sample as source.
  • Fixed an error in the Live Input function.
  • All assigned VST instruments were lost from tracks when a new VSTi was assigned.
  • Key (or note) names were wrong in many places.
  • When editing linked audio samples or splits, loop parameters must be updated for both.
  • Fixed some note editing bugs in the Piano roll.
  • The global "samplemode" generator was not used (looping on/off).
  • Corrected the implementation of the Channel Pressure message.
  • Plus numerous other minor bugs I am too ashamed to mention.


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