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News Archive for November 2007

30th November 2007Recording School Online releases The Music Production Boost [Video]

30th November 2007Defective Records Software releases Major Malfunction v2.0

30th November 2007Flux updates all plug-ins to v1.2.0.22

30th November 2007NaokiT updates SAXi Player Pro to v1.0.3

29th November 2007Gallo Engineering releases Studio Devil BVC (British Valve Custom) for Mac OS X

29th November 2007AraldFX updates StormGate3 to v1.0.6

29th November 2007Prodyon releases Asteroid and launches Audiotorium

29th November 2007nashNET releases reViSiT v0.92 Beta

29th November 2007Berklee launches comprehensive Music Industry Network of Blogs

29th November 2007IK Multimedia releases ARC System (Advanced Room Correction System)

29th November 2007Kong Audio updates all Chinee Series plugins

29th November 2007Dusted William Sounds releases Dope Ass Funky Drum Loops v2.0

29th November 2007FXpansion updates GURU to v1.5.12

29th November 2007FabFilter updates Pro-C to v1.10

29th November 2007VirSyn updates VTAPE - The Analog Tape Suite to v1.01

29th November 2007Ableton releases Live 7, New Add-on Instruments and Ableton Suite

29th November 2007Blue Cat's DXi Manager updated to v1.1

29th November 2007Steinberg Canada announces Nuendo 4 Tour

29th November 2007Ultimate Sound Bank announces special pricing for Plugsound Pro and all UVI Soundcards

29th November 2007i3 releases DSP-Quattro v2.5 (incl. Universal Binary)

29th November 2007QuikQuak updates Glass Viper to v1.04

29th November 2007Native Instruments updates Kore to v2.0.1

29th November 2007Luxonix updates Purity to v1.1.2

27th November 2007PowerFX releases Global Groove Groundworks Vol. 1 [REX]

26th November 2007Realsamples announces Edition Beurmann series of old Pianos, Harpsichords and a Spinet

26th November 2007Loopmasters releases Progressive House & Electronica by Trafik and Electro House & Breaks by Aquasky [WAV|REX|...]

26th November 2007b.serrano updates Adonis to v1.3 and Adonis Pro to v1.1

26th November 2007Native Instruments announces KoreSound Packs

26th November 2007Prosoniq announces Mac OS X Intel Plugin Product Line for 2008

26th November 2007Samplebase.com releases new Electronic and Latin Construction Kits

26th November 2007Rayzoon releases MetalPak for Jamstix 2, announces Big Holiday Sale and updates Jamstix to v2.1.4

26th November 2007The Sound Guy updates Backwards Machine to v1.0.2

26th November 2007Image Line updates PoiZone to v2.1

26th November 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v2.012

26th November 2007Novation updates Windows versions of Bass Station and V-Station to v1.5

23rd November 2007Garrigus.com releases Sonar 7 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide

23rd November 2007VSL updates Vienna Instruments to v1.13

23rd November 2007Cakewalk releases E-MU Proteus Sound Modules for Dimension Pro and Dimension LE (+Get LE for free)

23rd November 2007Puremagnetik releases Circuit:30 - Moog Sounds for Live, Kontakt 2, Logic & Garageband

23rd November 2007MOTU updates Digital Performer to v5.13

23rd November 2007Audiowish releases Note Gate 2

23rd November 2007Flux updates all plug-ins to version

23rd November 2007QuikQuak releases Glass Viper v1.0.3 for Windows and Mac OS X

23rd November 2007Soniccouture updates Hang Drum and eBow Guitars for Kontakt 3

22nd November 2007BTE Audio releases AEQ3 American Console Equalizer Algorithm for Software Developers

22nd November 2007VisualVox VST updated to v1.1.1

21st November 2007Transvaal Audio updates Lost Technology to v0.2.5 and Refuzznik to v0.5.2

20th November 2007ArkeCode updates VST Oversampler to v1.3.5

20th November 2007Impromptu v1.0 released

20th November 2007Keytosound updates Nexsyn and Nexsyn LE to v1.1r12

20th November 2007Blipdrums updates Electronic Drum Samples and Loops [WAV]

20th November 2007Inspiration Sounds releases Funked Up Bass Guitars and Funked Up Horns [WAV]

19th November 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases DataBank Two for Massive

19th November 2007Precisionsound releases Monzter Bazz for HALion and Kontakt

19th November 2007G-Sonique Digital Instruments releases Alien303

19th November 2007Ndzeit Audio releases Dirthead v0.61

19th November 2007Togu Audio Line updates several plug-ins

19th November 2007Alien Connections releases new ReValver Mk II beta (07.10.24)

19th November 2007SynthEdit v1.017 (patch) now available

19th November 2007tzec releases VstLua v0.05 beta

19th November 2007Jeroen Breebaart updates Ferox to v1.0.5

19th November 2007Luxonix updates LFX-1310 to v1.2.2

19th November 2007SonicBirth updated to v1.3

19th November 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.95

19th November 2007AtomSplitter Audio updates Distroyr to v1.2 and G8-R to v1.2

19th November 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v1.1.2

19th November 2007Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro 2.8 Preview 2

19th November 2007VisualVox VST updated to v1.1

19th November 2007Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.4

19th November 2007SQ8L updated to v0.9b

18th November 2007HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.2

18th November 2007Samplelord updated to v1.3

16th November 2007Native Instruments releases KORE 2

16th November 2007Sibelius v5.1 Released

16th November 2007Image Line releases FL Studio v7.4 public beta

15th November 2007Apple updates Soundtrack Pro to v2.0.2 and Final Cut Pro to v6.0.2

15th November 2007VSL releases Vienna Ensemble Mixing and Host Software for Vienna Instruments (and announces RTAS compatibility)

15th November 2007Spectralhead Audio releases SilverBox v1.0

15th November 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v1.1.1

15th November 2007Tone2 updates FireBird+ to v1.9

15th November 2007MachineCodex Software releases AudioCodex v0.95 beta

14th November 2007NuGen Audio releases Stereoplacer v2.3

14th November 2007ArkeCode releases VST Oversampler v1.3

14th November 2007Audacity v1.3.4 (beta) released

14th November 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v2.011

14th November 2007Aixcoustic Creations releases Deconvolver AIXtreme

13th November 2007PowerFX releases War Machine

13th November 2007FXpansion releases GURU v1.5.8 Public Beta

13th November 2007zplane launches educational discount program for vielklang harmony plugin

13th November 2007Synful releases Synful Orchestra v2.4.0 Beta

13th November 2007Native Instruments updates FM8 to v1.0.3

13th November 2007MidiKarval releases MidiMapper v1.0

13th November 2007D16 Group updates Nepheton to v1.0.5

13th November 2007Sony Creative Software has updated Vegas Movie Studio & VMS Platinum to v8.0c

12th November 2007ndc Plugs updates Fragmental to v1.0.2

12th November 2007Softube releases Acoustic Feedback

12th November 2007Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Tube

12th November 2007Wusikstation updated to v4.1.8

12th November 2007Wallander Instruments releases WIVI Woodwinds

12th November 2007tzec releases VstLua v0.04 beta

12th November 2007AMG releases four new Expansion Libraries for ONE

12th November 2007Digital Music Doctor releases Sonar 7 - Know It All! (Video)

12th November 2007VirSyn releases VTAPE - The Analog Tape Suite

12th November 2007Ueberschall releases Liquid Instruments Series Vol. 9 Percussion

12th November 2007112dB Software releases Morgana Software Sampler for Windows

12th November 2007Zero-G releases Classic Disco [EXS|KON|REX|...]

12th November 2007WWAYM releases NWRCFil 2 for Windows

12th November 2007discoDSP releases HighLife source code (BSD)

12th November 2007Musicrow updates Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor 5 to v1.55 (incl. two new ensembles: Executer and Chaos)

12th November 2007Music Studio Direct announces ongoing KVR-5 discount for KVR Members

12th November 2007Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.34

12th November 2007[CodeOperator] updates the URSonic IIR-Reverb to the URSonic ReverbBundle (adds ModelG1-Reverberator)

12th November 2007Ableton announces Live 6 LE to Live 7 Upgrade

12th November 2007Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's StereoScope Series v1.0

12th November 2007GenieSoft releases Patch 22 for Overture v4.0.2

9th November 2007u-he updates Zebra to v2.2

9th November 2007Sample Logic releases Ambience Impacts Rhythms v2.0

9th November 2007KeyToSound releases the Production Pack

9th November 2007Spectrasonics announces Intel Mac support solutions for Atmosphere & Trilogy

9th November 2007Sonic Sidekick updates DrumStar to v1.0.2

9th November 2007Samplelord updated to v1.2

9th November 2007Native Instruments updates Absynth to v4.0.4, Guitar Rig to v3.0.1 and Massive to v1.1.2

9th November 2007QuikQuak updates Glass Viper to v1.02

9th November 2007Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.3.1

7th November 2007GForce releases Virtual String Machine

7th November 2007Softrave releases Hang

7th November 2007Starplugs releases XPressure

7th November 2007Togu Audio Line announces TAL-Tube

7th November 2007KeyToSound announces NexSyn price reduction and new dealer network

7th November 2007DFX @ Smart Electronix updates RMS Buddy AU to v1.1.4

7th November 2007SVAr software updates SVArTracker to v1.2 and AntiWave to v1.2

6th November 2007SAE Institute and Toontrack Music forge partnership

6th November 2007Steinberg releases WaveLab 6.1 and WaveLab Studio 6.1

6th November 2007Cubase 4.1 Free London Masterclass

6th November 2007Audeon releases UFO demo version update (Windows)

6th November 2007Meyer Musicmedia releases ESV 2 for Albino 3 (Electro to House)

6th November 2007MHC Synthesizers and Effects releases Industrial Tones v1.5 for Windows

6th November 2007Puremagnetik releases Free Neon Stereo Pack for Ableton Live

6th November 2007Flux updates all plug-ins to v1.2.0.19

6th November 2007NuGen Audio releases Monofilter v3.2 public beta for Mac OS X

6th November 2007ddmf updates IIEQ Pro to v1.2 and LP10 to v2.2

6th November 2007Yellow Tools reveals Independence Live, Independence Pro, Independence FX and Independence Basic

6th November 2007apulSoft ports Slim Slow Slider's Side Chain Compressor to Mac (VST/AU)

6th November 2007Renoise v1.9 released

6th November 2007Vember Audio sets Shortcircuit Free

6th November 2007Audjoo releases a new beta version of Helix

6th November 2007BIAS releases Master Perfection Suite v1.2 for Mac and Windows

6th November 2007Cakewalk releases SONAR 7 trial version

6th November 2007Jeversi Software releases new AirTraffic Control beta

6th November 2007TC-Helicon VoiceWorksPlus v1.2 and Editor Available Now

6th November 2007Ambrosia Software updates WireTap Studio to v1.0.1

6th November 2007Freeverse releases Sound Studio v3.5.5 (+Monbot Assistants updated)

2nd November 2007KVR Developer Challenge 2007 :: The Winner is Sounds of Nature by xoxos!

1st November 2007Synapse Audio updates Hydra, Scorpion, Plucked String & Poly-850 for Mac

1st November 2007Ueberschall releases the RetroFit Series

1st November 2007midiCTRL editor for Alesis Micron / Ion now available

1st November 2007Toontrack Music releases Toontrack Solo and SoundMover

1st November 2007db audioware releases Sidechain Compression [Video Tutorial]

1st November 2007Musicrow releases Classic Minitunes for Minimoog V

1st November 2007Christian Knufinke Software updates SIR2 to v2.1

1st November 2007KarmaFX Synth Modular v1.0 released

1st November 2007Tone2 announces Gladiator

1st November 2007Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.33

1st November 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v1.0.1