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Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix offer: 50% off Music Production eBooks

December 4, 2019

Mastering The Mix is offering 50% off their two music production eBooks, Never Get Stuck Again, and How Pros Make Hits.

Here's what they say:

Never Get Stuck Again

Unable to understand why your track isn't working and not sure of the next step to take? This book will give you the information you need so you Never Get Stuck Again. A single resource that you can turn to for inspiration and techniques to help you finish more tracks to a higher standard.

Key Benefits:

  • All the information you need so you Never Get Stuck Again when making music.
  • 141 pages of the author's most valuable information on songwriting, music production, mixing, and mastering.
  • Get the fundamental principles right, then learn the intricate techniques that take your sound to the next level.
  • Dozens of infographics to make complicated techniques and concepts easy to understand.


  • $ USD: $39.00 $20.00.
  • £ GBP: £29.99 £14.99.
  • € EUR: €34,95 €17,95.

How Pros Make Hits

What gives successful producers their competitive advantage? It's not magic or secret sauce. Every 'trick' has a simple explanation. This 200 page eBook dissects and explains the production approaches that give 40 hits their chart-topping sound.

Key Benefits:

  • 40 successful songs deconstructed in 200 pages.
  • 6 Genres: Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Club, Rock, and Classic.
  • Use the production techniques to give yourself immediate and tangible results in the studio.
  • Understand the fundamental reasons a song gained success.
  • Train your ears and become a better critical listener.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you can honestly say you didn't learn something new.
  • Save thousands $£€ compared to a good music production course.
  • Free updates for life.


  • $ USD: $26.00 $13.00.
  • £ GBP: £19.99 £9.99.
  • € EUR: €23,95 €11,95.


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