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Mastering The Mix releases 'Reference 2' Plugin with Intro Offer

Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix has released Reference 2, a significant update to their utility plugin that helps producers get their music sounding more like their referent tracks.

Reference 2 makes matching the EQ balance, stereo width, compression, and loudness of your reference tracks simple. It does this by giving you the clear, and actionable insights you need to get your music sounding great and ready for release.


  • This is a free upgrade for all Reference owners.
  • Price (inc. VAT): £49.00 GBP / $59.99 USD / €55.99 EUR.
  • Intro Offer: 25% off until 6th December, 2020.

Key Benefits:

  • Compare your mix or master to up to 12 reference tracks and create multiple loops so you can quickly compare various sections of your track to your reference.
  • Instantly and accurately match the loudness of your track and your references. This is crucial for a fair comparison and for making informed decisions on how to shape your sound.
  • Visual and actionable insights to make matching the true peak, loudness, EQ balance, punch, and stereo width of your reference tracks easier than ever.

What's New:

  • Complete user interface refresh with user experience and workflow improvements.
  • Expanded level matching options. You can level match your references to your original track, or the quietest track, or set all tracks to -14LUFS.
  • Improved EQ balance algorithm that goes deeper into the differences between the tonal balance of your song and your reference track and displays a complete curve.
  • EQ balance algorithm can display the EQ curve needed to get your mix sounding like your reference, or the inverted difference depending on your preferences.
  • Stereo width analysis and visual improvements.
  • REFERENCE now comes with an additional source plugin called REFSEND that allows you to bypass entire FX chains to make loudness-matched A/B comparisons. This keeps you honest with yourself about the changes you're making to your music and ensures positive progress.
  • New metering layout, with peak, dBTP (decibels true peak) LUFS integrated and short-term options.
  • More accurate and reliable track align algorithm.
  • Switching between the original and reference track can be MIDI mapped, allowing switching even when the plugin interface isn't open or selected.




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