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Mastering The Mix releases 'Animate' Plugin

Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix has released Animate, a plug-in for macOS and Windows "that helps you inject life into your mixes in a precise, versatile and colourful way". With four different movement modes, each with individual frequency assignments and mid/side functionality "you'll get your music jumping out of the speakers precisely how you want", say Mastering The Mix.

Key Features Overview:

  • Expand mode allows you to dial in a pristinely clean sounding upward expansion.
  • Punch mode enhances the transients of your audio to help them bite through the mix.
  • Ignite mode allows you to dial in rich harmonic distortion in a dynamic way based on the input signal. Ignite can increase the perceived loudness, power and presence of a channel without the pumping effects of a compressor.
  • Grow mode lets you increase the width of the selected frequencies surpassing the threshold using a psychoacoustic precedence effect.
  • The filter allows you to isolate which frequencies are processed. The frequencies of the signal will glow giving you a better idea of where to set the bands. The filters have a 24dB/octave slope and are combined with an innovative solution to dramatically minimise phase distortion.
  • The effects in Animate will most likely increase the volume of your audio. The output slider has a level matching pointer to help you adjust the output gain to match the original perceived loudness of your audio before it passed through Animate's effects. So, when you bypass Animate you can confidently determine whether your settings have a positive or negative impact on your sound.
  • Mid / Side, Left & Right functionality.
  • Sharp retina display.
  • Easy to set up. Gives you total control with a user friendly interface. Interactive tool tips can be activated in settings for more information.

Overview Video: YouTube/7b9NeUbSkUI

Mixing and Mastering With ANIMATE: YouTube/L7a82uxG6vw

Price: £59.00.



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