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2B Played Music releases BandShaper

2B Played Music

2B Played Music has announced the release of BandShaper, a frequency and mix enhancer plug-in for mixing and mastering.

They Say:

BandShaper delivers a versatile suite of frequency modes created from a wide array of filters, designed for precise audio shaping across three distinct EQ bands: Low, Mid, and High. Inspired by devices using push-pull technology, BandShaper applies this technique automatically within its three bands, allowing for dynamic and responsive sound adjustments.

Choose from a variety of filter setups, including Pitch, Classic, Trimmed, and Single filter frequency modes, to customize your overall sound profile. Whether you aim for deep, resonant lows or finely-tuned mids and highs, BandShaper lets you achieve the exact tone you desire. Furthermore, with Stereo Mid/Side processing options, you have enhanced control over the spatial characteristics of your tracks, ensuring a professional and polished final mix.

To further enhance your sound, BandShaper offers advanced saturation options, adding warmth and character to your audio. And to top it off, a clean limiter ensures that your tracks stay within desired levels, preserving clarity and preventing distortion.

Intro Pricing: €23.60 excl. EU VAT until June 30, 2024 (Reg. €59.00) at 2bplayed.com



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