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2B Played Music releases Warble VST3/AU with intro offer

2B Played Music

2B Played Music has announced the release of its new Delayed/Reverb effect Warble.

Warble is an advanced fx, delay and reverb plugin where the delayed signal and part of the reverb signal are controlled by smart oscillators.

They say:

The plug-in consists of 2 reverb engines so that the "warble" and oscillator controlled signals can be separated in terms of size and strength from the output reverb signal. Use warble as a doubler with vocals, to create ghostly effects with fx sounds, add character and delay to your lead synths or as an extended delay and excellent reverb signal where you achieve cathedral-like perceptions.

Price: €22,69 Excl. VAT. A 25% introductory discount applies until March 31, 2022, at 2bplayed.com




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