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2B Played Music releases PrimeVerb

2B Played Music

2B Played Music has announced the release of PrimeVerb, a reverb plugin that "redefines the way you experience reverb".

They Say:

Unleash the potential of your music with PrimeVerb. Sculpt sonic landscapes that will leave your listeners in awe. Whether you're a producer, composer, sound designer, or musician, PrimeVerb is your gateway to an immersive audio journey like never before.

Primeverb features a freeze function that can be influenced by the gate control in combination with its time divisions, precise EQ control to adjust the tonal shape of the reverb signal, extensive modulation options and an advanced ducking system.

Intro Price: €22.50 excl. EU VAT until 31 August, 2023 (Reg. €45.00) at 2bplayed.com



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