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2B Played Music releases QFX Smush and QFX Heat effect plugins

2B Played Music

2B Played Music has announced the release of two new audio effects as part of the QFX One plugin series. The first is QFX Smush, a plugin designed to create harmonic richness and a more aggressive edge to the sound. The second is QFX Heat, a plugin designed to quickly create warm saturation effects. They say:

QFX Smush is a one knob Foldback distortion plugin. Foldback distortion is also known as clipping distortion or overdrive distortion.

Musicians and sound engineers often use foldback distortion intentionally to create a desired sound effect. It is often used when playing electric guitars to add sustain, harmonic richness and a more aggressive edge to the sound, but can also be used with drums, vocal effects and synthesizer leads or bass parts.

QFX Heat is a one knob saturation plugin that combines a soft knee compressor and a harmonic generator. This provides your productions with warm saturation effects.

QFX Heat can be used as a creative overdrive effect to provide your bass, guitar or vocal tracks with pleasing harmonic distortion combined with built-in oversampling. Next to the large rotary knob you will find three pre-set drive settings that allow you to adjust the character of the effect. In the background, QFX Heat does the math for you.

Price: €17.00 each at 2bplayed.com. An introductory discount of 50% applies until June 30, 2023. If the discount has been applied, the price will be €8.50 excl. EU VAT.



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