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2B Played Music releases QFX Mash and QFX Wax effect plugins

2B Played Music

2B Played Music has announced the release of two new audio effects as part of the QFX One plugin series. QFX Mash and QFX Wax. They Say:

QFX Mash degrades your sound by applying a bitcrusher in combination with a short delay and reverb. This will apply a depth to the effect. You can apply the effect to drums, vocals, synth leads, but you can also use QFX Mash to create various deformed sound effects.

QFX Wax is a one knob plugin designed to simply make everything you create sound fatter. Does your kick need a boost in the low end, or does your bass need more depth, or do you want to add more warmth to your synth lead, drums or vocals... Then QFX Wax is the right choice.

Price: €17.00 each at 2bplayed.com. An introductory discount of 50% applies until July 30, 2023. If the discount has been applied, the price will be €8.50 excl. EU VAT.



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