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2CAudio updates Aether - Algorithmic Reverb to v1.0.1


2CAudio has updated is algorithmic reverb plug-in Aether to v1.0.1.

New Features:

  • Audio Unit: mono-to-stereo support is available in Logic 8 and Logic 9.
  • Audio Unit automation now reports the correct parameter range.
  • Audio Unit automation can be recorded via changing parameter values on the GUI.
  • Aether's plug-in state is now saved and recalled by the host for both A and B setups.
  • Aether's current preset name and origin (user/factory/file) is now saved and recalled by the host.
  • Improvements to the preset menu system.

New GUI Skin Options:

  • Indigo Large Skin.
  • Indigo Small Skin.

CPU Usage Improvements:

  • DSP CPU usage is now 10 to 20% more efficient depending on the user's hardware and OS.
  • GUI CPU usage is drastically reduced on OSX.
  • GUI CPU usage on Windows is also equally low, though it was already closer to this level in the previous version.

Audio Quality Improvements:

  • Improved gain balance between Left and Right channels in ER and LR engines.
  • Improvements to the DSP that result in smoother modulation in some circumstances.

Bug Fixes:

  • Vast modifications to the internal code base to improve stability, increase efficiency, and enable future development plans.
  • Infamous Black Screen bug fixed.
  • Memory-related issue fixed.
  • Denorm issue on some presets/settings fixed.
  • Aether now works in DP5, Bias Peak, Numerology and RAX.
  • Aether now works under Tiger (though Tiger is NOT officially supported).
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.


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