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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v2.0.3


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to version 2.0.3, featuring new components for array handling and a new If Then Else component.

Outsim have been working on the underlying trigger system and have made several enhancements in order to stop some strange results that can occur from time to time (e.g. a positive result when comparing two values that are different). In some situations triggers were being blocked in order to prevent against infinite loops. They're now letting these triggers through if necessary and have improved the frozen link system to trap any resulting loops and to make it easy to identify them when they occur. See the updated user guide section on infinite feedback for more info.

Users of the FREE edition now have access to ASIO but this is limited to single channel I/O.

As well as this there are many other fixes and enhancements including a fix to the dropped note issue that has been affecting some people.

Details of changes:

  • New: IfThenElse component.
  • New: Array Builder components.
  • New: Append Array components.
  • New: Float, String and Int Array components now have insert and delete capability.
  • New: you can now use a single ASIO channel in the FREE edition.
  • Fix: the Text Save component now checks for free disk space before saving.
  • Fix: the Ascii to String component wasn't allowing null string characters.
  • Fix: the String to Hex component wasn't working for null string chars.
  • Fix: crash when using trig functions (or the sine, sawtooth or triangle constants in assembler) during stage1 or stage3.
  • Fix: there was a problem with wireless links not updating correctly after changing label or connector type on a wireless input or output.
  • Fix: View connections through a Selector didn't allow GUI objects to be moved on a front panel.
  • Fix: numerous issues with dropped notes and envelopes not working due to a fix that was made in 2.0 that had unwanted side effects.
  • Fix: sometimes MIDI notes can start and end before a sound process starts and this was leading to dropped notes.
  • Fix: MIDI data was not being passed to the host in exported VSTs when generated from the plugin GUI.
  • Improved: toolbox now loads in the background so you can get started without waiting for the toolbox to load.
  • Improved: starting up from a schematic with timers loads the toolbox much faster now.
  • Improved: the trigger system has been enhanced to prevent situations where trigger blocking was causing strange results (e.g. comparison of two unequal values was sometimes yielding a true result).
  • Improved: the Frozen link system has been enhanced to allow infinite loops to be easily located.
  • Improved: the Bitmap Create now responds to redraw messages and also has a manual redraw input.
  • Improved: the Parametric EQ module has had a small update to improve responsiveness of the GUI.


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