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Abletunes releases free "Mixing and Mastering Tools" - Ableton Live racks


Abletunes has released 8 free Ableton Live racks for mixing and mastering. All the racks were built using only Ableton Live's built in plugins and combined into Effect racks with useful macro controls for key parameters.


  • Maximizer – compressor and limiter designed specifically for EDM mastering.
  • Bass Body Booster – useful tool for adding weight and body to bass instruments.
  • Body Booster – same as Bass Body Booster, but for leads and synths.
  • High Booster – use High Booster to make your synths, leads and tops sound sharp and crisp.
  • Imager – a multiband stereo widening and narrowing rack that allows you control stereo width of each band.
  • Easy EQ – simple but smart mastering EQ tuned to three main frequency regions, and due to specific setting allows a user to quickly fix problematic frequencies in mixes.
  • Low-end Control – simple tool to control low-end of your mixes or bass instruments (A user may need speakers with a good bass response to hear the effect).
  • Exciter – this rack is for enhancing low, mid or high frequencies of any individual instrument, or an entire mix.

Price: Free.



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