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accSone releases "Richard Devine" update for crusher-X (v9.30)


accSone has released a free "Richard Devine" update for crusher-X 9.

This free feature update for crusher-X 9 licensees comes with factory sounds designed by the sound artist Richard Devine. The update introduces also 64-bit audio processing capabilities and adds 4 additional Stereo AUX Output Busses for VST3.

Changes in v9.30:

  • Adds 64-bit audio processing option for VST3 plug-in (e.g. switch DAV/Cubase to "64-bit float" processing precision to use it).
  • Adds 4 additional Stereo AUX Output Busses on VST3 plug-in so that stereo tracks (like from Live or Bitwig) can address the additional stereo pairs for surround routings.
  • Adds several factory sounds designed and recorded by Richard Devine.
  • Improves mouse-wheel speed for global Matrices (GMMs) sliders.
  • Improves slider range handling (fixes also the Length - Birth Offset bug).
  • Improves slider range reset handling.
  • Improves the Reset of a WaveShape spline.
  • Improves Grain Modulation selection handling for automated parameters.
  • Changes buttons for DCO file load and DCO editor to be more consistent with other file selection buttons.
  • Fixes a bug in VST3 parameter management.
  • Fixes a bug that caused audio processing to be stalled if Main Output Volumes are muted.
  • Fixes a bug that caused a crash when Offset of Grain Modulation Speed = 0.
  • Fixes a bug that caused Mirror function on a WaveShape spline not working as expected.
  • Fixes a bug that caused a crash on loading a variable bitrate coded mp3.

crusher-X 9 licensees can follow the download instructions described in their crusher-X 9 delivery mail (received after purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 9.


  • Upgrade / crossgrade from older crusher-X versions: 99,- €.
  • Full version: 289,- €.

Download Demo: accsone.com/download-granular-synthesis

Video: YouTube/ucQ31b9J_pw



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