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accSone updates crusher-X to v10.2 - the "Ulrich Müller" Release


accSone has announced the release of crusher-X 10.2. This "Ulrich Müller" release is featured by the composer and sound designer "Ulrich Müller" who enhanced crusher-X with new factory sounds.

Beside several improvements and fixes it comes with a completely reworked morphing system with a free editable morphing curve to create morphing gestures. It adds compression and envelope follower meters in the level pane.


  • Adds several factory sounds designed and recorded by the Munich composer and sound designer Ulrich Müller, thanks Ulrich.
  • Adds 10 more factory patches using the factory sounds from Ulrich Müller.
  • Adds clickable Feedback/Output Compression/Expander and Input/SideChain Envelope meter to the Level Panel.
  • Adds MIDI Key value label and entry to DCO frequency trackbars in case DCO is configured as a file playback.
  • Adds smart Morph System behavior on changes while the morph process is running (fast value adaption during morphing).
  • Adds an editable spline curve to the Morphing System for non-linear morphing transitions.
  • Adds Morph to MIDI-Keys - but Morph is not started if MIDI-Keys are pressed. This will create smoother transitions between patches with stored MIDI-Keys.
  • Adds Shift-Click a pressed Key on the UI Keyboard will release the note.
  • Adds disabling GlitchMode selector when not in Glitcher-X Mode.
  • Improves setting of DCO MarkIn and MarkOut while in Play Mode (only range the play head if needed).
  • Improves control of Arpeggiator Keys with UI Keyboard (select and deselect single keys with Shift-Click). Latch control of external MIDI Key events remains as usual.
  • Improves UI fluidity on Formant Input Filter, Grain View, Slider and PM-Field mouse interactions.
  • Improves X-Crush algorithm so that crackles on high gain input signals are diminished.
  • Improves Birth Grain Modulation Reset value. Grains are now overlapping 50% on reset.
  • Fixes incorrect display of special characters in the licensor's name.
  • Fixes DCOs low frequency problem on standard waveforms.
  • Fixes issue that DCO still running when plug-in is in Bypass Mode (VST3/AU).
  • AAX: Fixes problems with changing and automate discrete parameter values.
  • AAX: Fixes a bug that indicated patch to be modified after loading a new patch.
  • AAX: Fixes a bug that the patch name was not recovered on reloading.
  • Win AAX: Fixes a problem with showing wrong mouse cursors.
  • Win standalone: Recordings are now done with 32-bits per sample.
  • Win standalone: Remove click function of recording and audio on/off on status bar.
  • Win standalone: Fixes a problem with synced Grain Modulation frequencies larger than 1/1 quarters.

crusher-X 10 licensees can follow the download instructions described in their crusher-X 10 delivery mail (received after purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 10.


All prices incl. VAT. For outside EU residents VAT will be removed.




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