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accSone updates crusher-X to v9.20


accSone has released a free feature update for crusher-X 9 licensees that comes with Logic Atmos 7.1.2 and macOS Monterey support.

Changes in v9.20:

  • Adds LR Processing Button to the Grain Modulations to ensure that the modulation stays the same for Left and Right granular streams pairs.
  • Adds 7.1.2 Atmos bed surround layout for Logic.
  • Adds 4.1 surround layout.
  • Adds mouse-wheel and drag support for the fader value area to enable value fine tuning (crusher-X 8 behavior).
  • Changes Respawn behavior: A MIDI Note On Event will trigger just one Respawn (and not many).
  • Changes Volume Grain Modulation Range to 60dB. Mutes Grain Volume if Grain Modulation is below -60dB.
  • Changes Morph Progress Bar layout.
  • Fixes a bug that caused wrong Grain Modulation Offset and Mod value displays under certain conditions.
  • Fixes a bug that caused wrong LFO speed under seldom conditions.
  • Fixes a bug that caused wrong Attack and Release times of Envelope Followers and the Compressor under seldom conditions.
  • Optimizes Offset and Modulation Fader UI refresh.
  • MacOS: Adds macOS Monterey support.

crusher-X 9 licensees can follow the download instructions described in their crusher-X 9 delivery mail (received after purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 9.


  • Upgrade / crossgrade from older crusher-X versions: 99,- €.
  • Full version: 289,- €.

Video: YouTube/sWXT_M8is80



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