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Akai updates MPC Software to v2.0.2 Beta - Goes Dual Screen and adds Ableton Link


AKAI Pro has launched the first beta update to the MPC 2.0 Beta software.

MPC Version 2.0.2 Beta Release Notes


  • This software is for 64-bit operation only.
  • This release can be controlled by MPC X, MPC Live, and MPC Touch. Support for MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio (black and standard models), and MPC Element will be in the official MPC 2.0 public release.

New Features:

  • Dual monitor support, MPC can now display a second window. In the status bar click on the Mixer Window icon to open the second window, this can be configured to display the Pad Mixer, the Channel Mixer or both at the same time. If you are working on a single large monitor then use the Mixer Window alongside the Main window to work on multiple operations at the same time.
  • Support for Ableton Link has been added to the MPC desktop software. In the GUI go to View>Toolbar>Show Sync, on the TUI go to the Mode Menu toolbar and use the Sync dropdown menu. Ableton Link synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Link-enabled applications over a wireless or wired network.
  • MIDI Monitor (Go to View>Toolbar>Show MIDI Monitor) allows you to see a detailed breakdown of your incoming MIDI messages. When receiving single notes the MIDI monitor displays the channel, note and velocity of the incoming message. When multiple notes are received simultaneously, the MIDI Monitor will display the detected chord. You can also use the MIDI Monitor object to monitor continuous controller and pitch bend messages.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Window (Go to Help > Software Information > Keyboard Shortcuts) allows you to easily browse the MPC keyboard shortcuts.

Stability & Reliability:

  • [As Plugin] Playing a pad in a Clip Program not longer puts the sequencer into playback when MPC is a plugin.
  • [Audio Tracks] Audio regions recorded via punch in now draw fades of the correct length.
  • [Browser] The Show Media Browser Editor is no longer present in the View menu.
  • [Controller Mode] Power cycling MPC Live no longer causes Logic X to crash.
  • [Editing panel] Adjusting the window size of the Mixer no longer changes the scroll position.
  • [Editing panel] The bottom panel scroll bar now remains visible after moving the vertical scroll bar.
  • [Editing panel] Q-Link Swing text now more clearly reflects the behavior.
  • [GUI Channel Mixer] Icons at the bottom of channel strips now correctly represent their program type.
  • [GUI Channel Mixer] A second program's channel strip can now be selected after deleting the first program.
  • [GUI Channel Mixer] Renaming a program via the GUI now correctly updates the TUI.
  • [Clip Program Edit] Loading a clip program now updates the program panel with the program's parameter values.
  • [Installation] On first launch the No Output Device warning popup now displays 'Please set your output device'.
  • [Keygroup Program Edit] KBD>FILTER is now correctly labelled.
  • [Next Sequence] In the Next Sequence mode the sequence list scrollbar is now correctly aligned.
  • [Plugin Hosting] Deleting a plugin program now closes the plugin instance.
  • [Q-Links] Pad Scene, Tuning parameter now increments and decrements correctly through the parameter range.
  • [Q-Links] Q-Link parameter Track Transpose now works across the full parameter range.
  • [Sample Edit] Fade Out process is now applied in Sample Edit.
  • [Sampler] Changing the sampler audio input via the data dial no longer skips inputs in the list.
  • [Saving] Auto Save now works when the transport is running.
  • [Sequence Edit] The Track > Events Double Speed function will no longer print audio regions over each other.
  • Plus many other minor bug-fixes and stability enhancements.

Keyboard shortcut updates:

  • The Bounce to New Audio Track function can no longer be accessed when in audio mode using key command.
  • Changing the Q-Link mode via a key command now correctly updates the View > Q-Link Mode menu (OSX).
  • The full screen key command is disabled in MIDI Control Mode.
  • The Next/previous sequence now key commands are now disabled when the transport is stopped.
  • Nudge event left/right by tick now moves MIDI and audio events by the same amount.
  • The Pad keys and MIDI keys no longer conflict with grid editing tools.
  • Passing key commands to the grid that has focus has been improved.
  • The Preferences key commands are now listed in Edit menu (Windows).
  • The Sampler zoom at playhead commands are now the correct way round.
  • The Sequence erase pop up key command is now listed in Edit menu.
  • Showing or hiding the Quick help section via the key command now updates the View menu (OSX).
  • Tooltips now consistently display key commands where appropriate.
  • The Track View/Channel Mixer zoom at playhead key command now zooms the grid at the playhead.
  • The Undo History key command is now in the Edit menu.


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