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Wusik updates Wusik SQ200 to v1.0.8


Wusik has updated Wusik SQ200 to version 1.0.8.


  • Updated the whole note/event recorder/editor code with a better one, including the piano-view area.
  • Changed the behaviour of the Track Name Display. Unless you set a custom track name it will display something relevant to the track. On MIDI Tracks it will display Track # as before, but on Audio Tracks it will show the first audio filename and on Instruments tracks it will show the instrument name and the program name.
  • Changed the behaviour of the Piano View double-click. Now to add new notes just click on any empty area. Hold and drag to change the length. Also, when creating a new track, now you can directly add notes to the track even if it's empty.
  • Changed the behaviour of the Stop button. Pressing once stops the sequencer. Pressing again will go to the start of the current section. Pressing again will go to the start of the project, the first section.
  • Added a new option to the Plugin Scanner: Custom Short Name. So now you have the Custom Name and also a Short Custom Name that is displayed in the Track Name area when no Custom Track Name is defined. It will check for a Short Custom Name, Custom Name or just use the regular Plugin's Name.
  • Added a new global option (click options or the Wusik logo): No Shift Menus - when enabled it will invert the shift behaviour for selecting tracks/sections and menus. Instead of Shift+1, Shift+2, Shift+3 and so on to select Track, Section, Master you just press 1, 2, 3 and to select a track in track mode you press Shift+1, ...
  • Fixed a problem displaying longer times in the Section Total time screen: XX:XX:XX.
  • Added a new option to the global-menu (click the Wusik logo or right-click on an empty area of the GUI) - Event Editor -> Edit Notes Length Not Ending Time - Selected by default.
  • Updated the default skin with a more compact version. The previous default is now named Default 3. Also created an even more compacted version named Compact.
  • Double clicking on a note in the piano-view will enter Event Editor Mode as usual. But now clicking again anywhere in the piano-view will close it.
  • Added Section and Track Lengths. By default is set to *** = Automatic. Anything different will be used as the length in measures.
  • Added a welcome message explaining the basics of the sequencer. Here's the text: Welcome to Wusik SQ200. To navigate use the cursor keys (up/down/left/right) and Enter/Return to select. Hit M to open a menu and ESC to close it. Shift + 1 to 0 and the following keys -/+/backspace/q/w/e will select the menus above, or right click with the mouse. So you got shift + 1 for track, 2 for section, 3 for master area, 4 for plugin settings, 5 for project load/save/reset/live/export/options, 6 for metronome, 7 for mixer, 8 for edit events (notes, automations, ...), 9 to mute tracks, 0 to solo tracks, - for panic, + for CPU usage, backspace for undo, q for saving (also s alone saves the last project), w for loading projects (clicking again will load the last project) and e to open the current plugin's editor/interface. As for playback, x stops the sequencer (press again to rewind), r sets for recording and the space bar is the play key.
  • Fixed a problem of the plugins versions crashing during scanning.
  • Fixed a problem when editing Audio Files settings.
  • Fixed a problem when updating multiple stretched audio files from multiple tracks, due to multi core support.
  • Updated the Plugin-Scanner with a better code (be sure that you have updated the data files, the new scan files have a C in the name now).
  • Updated the Plugin's Scanner: added isInstrument option to each plugin.
  • Fixed a crash in the Plugin's Scanner, when selecting bad plugins and using the show/hide options.


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