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KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite Software for Notation'

KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite Software for Notation'

By KVR Audio on

The nominations for the 2021 KVR Readers' Choice Awards are in, as voted for by the KVR community. Voting is now open so make yourself heard here.

We present to you the top 5 nominations for 'Favorite Software for Notation'.

During this phase KVR members can choose their preference from the shortlist in each category (or stick with their previous selection, or choose another if they prefer, who are we to judge?) Spread the word, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your mum, #kvrrcas. All categories are optional. Please note that Freeware and Donationware products should not be voted for in any categories except Favorite Free Virtual Instrument and Favorite Free Virtual Effect Processor. Everyone can change their nominations / votes at any time until the voting closes.

NOTE: If the product you wish to vote for isn't in the KVR Product Database yet please contact the developer and ask them to add it.
Who won last time? Find out at kvraudio.com/2020-kvr-rca-winners

Sequencer / Multitrack by Apple

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a comprehensive software package that delivers everything a musician needs to write, record, edit, mix, and perform in the studio and on the stage

Complete music notation

  • Real-time transcription.
  • Instrument transposition.
  • Guitar tablature.
  • Drum notation.
  • Chord symbols.
  • Adaptive lyric input.
  • Automatic multibar rests.
  • Comprehensive palette of slurs, crescendis, and other ornaments.
  • Staff Styles for easy recall of multiple stave attributes.
  • Score Sets allow instruments to be combined for editing and print.
  • Layout and printing of complete professional scores.
Upgrades, Crossgrades & Options OFFER

Upgrade Licenses

Ultimate Update/Support Plan

Ultimate 1yr Sub Upgrade from FinaleNotion

Sibelius 8.5 Perpetual License - Ultimate Upgrade with 3-Year Support Plan

Ultimate Upgrade from Sibelius

Crossgrade Licenses

Ultimate 1-Year Sub Crossgrade from Perpetual

Ultimate 2-Year Sub Crossgrade from Perpetual


Ultimate 1 yr

Ultimate 1 yr Renewal

Ultimate 3yr Update/Support Plan Renewal

Ultimate with PhotoScore, NotateMe, and AudioScore

Sibelius Sub & Crossgrades

Sibelius Ultimate Key Features:

  • Composing, arranging, and publishing scores and parts of any size and complexity; creating notation worksheets and exercises for education.
  • Subscribe monthly or annually, purchase and own a perpetual license, trade-up from other notation software, or get network licensing.
  • Compose smoothly and flexibly with cutting-edge features.
  • Updated interface lets you work faster and with greater detail.
  • Write music with a pen on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet.
  • Use multi-touch gestures to interact with scores.
  • Compatible with the latest Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Included PhotoScore and NotateMe Lite software.
  • Includes 1 year of Standard support (web support) and software updates.



Upgrade Licenses

Upgrade from Notion 3-5


Notion bridges the gap between notation and an audio application. So now, not only can you compose and hear your notated score played back instantly with real instrument samples, you can actually perform live or produce music that sounds amazing.

Traditional Notation or Tablature – Fast and Easy:

  • Easily compose, play back, and edit music.
  • Perform scores using Notion as a live instrument and save your performance.
  • Create a score on a Mac, Windows computer or tablet, and continue to edit on iPad or iPhone and vice versa.
  • Interactive Entry Tools: Keyboard, Fretboard, Drum Pad, Chord Library (including custom chords).
  • Cross-platform handwriting recognition, powered by MyScript for written entry.
  • Sequencer overlay to see notation and MIDI data on the same staff.
  • Windows touchscreen support... just use your finger or stylus and tap.
  • Work with Notion in your native language with options for Sim. Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Deliver Professional Scores and Polished Performances:

  • Print entire scores, individual parts, or lead sheets with chords and lyrics.
  • Layout control tools: drag notes, measure lines, time signatures, and more, while avoiding accidental respacing.
  • Show/hide parts independently by system for maximum readability.
  • Import/export files to/from Finale and Sibelius via MusicXML or other apps via Standard MIDI.
  • Export scores as PDF files.
  • Export WAV or MP3 audio files.
  • One-click Bounce All export of individual staves or mixed buses.
  • Share music with fans instantly via SoundCloud.



Finale is a powerful music notation software application that lets you express your creativity and love of music. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music.

Music Notation Software by Steinberg

Crossgrade Licenses

from Finale (Retail, Academic. Theological) Sibelius (Retail, Professional, Educational, Academic)

Dorico redefines the gold standard in scoring software. Built from the ground up with today's multi-core 64-bit CPUs in mind, Dorico will take advantage of all of your system's horsepower while the intuitive workflows help you focus on each aspect of score preparation. The beauty and balance of Dorico's output is unrivaled, with hundreds of options to control every aspect of your music's appearance. And with Steinberg's award-winning audio engine at its heart, Dorico allows you to use your VST instruments and effects to produce great-sounding playback too.

Composing, arranging — or just writing and printing out music — is made much quicker and more efficient with Dorico. Thanks to its intelligent design, it automatically adjusts the notation as you write. With nearly 1,500 sounds included, arrangements can be played back with exceptional realism and, with no workarounds needed for advanced notation, Dorico produces excellent results much more quickly than has been possible before.


With its streamlined, natural user interface, students and those with less experience in scoring can compose and arrange straight into Dorico, making learning the language of music notation much faster and more intuitive. Editing and making changes — such as instrument, time signature or key — are straightforward, with the notation instantly and correctly adapting to include them, reinforcing the learning outcome. For teachers, producing teaching materials and hand-outs that mix music and text is easy, and it's never been quicker to adapt arrangements for your band, orchestra or other school ensemble.


Dorico is the perfect tool for music engraving, publishing and copying. It automatically lays out pages of balance and beauty, with comprehensive collision avoidance and advanced algorithms that handle almost any musical context with ease. Music made with Dorico has the look of the finest traditionally engraved music, and the software provides tweaking tools to satisfy the most demanding professional. Producing high-quality, crystal-clear scores for selling or performance has never been faster or easier.

Exceptional engraving

Dorico engraves music better than almost any human can – producing beautifully clear results all by itself. And clearer results mean more accurate sight-reading, and shorter rehearsals.

We spent years consulting experienced engravers, leading music publishers, and hundreds of books and scores, to design the world's most sophisticated engraving algorithms. No other program incorporates anything like this level of expertise.

Attention has been lavished on every detail, from the meticulous design of the 3000 symbol Bravura font, to positioning rules for every notated element. Dorico can space music more tightly than any other program, tucking and kerning accidentals, etc. so that fast rhythms aren't distorted.

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