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Audio Modeling and Fatar release Camelot

Audio Modeling

Audio Modeling and Fatar have announced the release of Camelot, a cross platform application for Windows, macOS and iOS (iPad) that allows to quickly setup and recall Hardware Instruments and VST/AU Plug-in Software instruments presets, External MIDI keyboards and MPE controllers mapping, attach PDF Lyrics, Chords and Music Sheets.

It combines the benefits of hardware instruments with the adaptability of software solutions. Ableton Link integration, as well as MIDI Clock transmission, fills the gap between hardware and software in the clock sync territory.

The extra possibilities given by advanced MIDI routing, easy hardware instrument presets selection and plug-in hosting features, enhance the whole live performance experience.

This is just a glimpse of Camelot's many features. The Camelot team is now working with leading synth manufacturers to support more and more instruments and provide the best experience for live musicians.

Story and vision

Camelot was born with the aim to provide a simple and unified way to manage musical instruments: no matter if they are hardware or software, no matter the manufacturer, no matter if you are using a Windows computer, a macOS laptop or an iPad. Camelot wants to help musicians to focus more on making music and dealing less with connection setup, MIDI programming, and being worried about technical issues. That means you don't have for example to find the MIDI implementation chart of a supported instruments to select a preset or connect more applications together to send MIDI messages and load the music score for that song...

Audio Modeling say "This is just the beginning of a journey, we know that Camelot is very young and we will never stop refining and adding hardware instruments, improving the plugin host experience and develop new features. More modules will be created to complete the show management experience, adding light show controls features and new contents."


  • Setlist Management.
  • Songs: can have one or more scenes to recall and organize hardware instruments presets, software instruments plugin sounds, music score attachments.
  • Hardware instruments smart maps: supported instruments can be managed without the need to know the MIDI bank select, program change, mode change messages. camelotpro.com/compatibility
  • Software Plugins: (VST on Windows, AU and VST on macOS, Auv3 on iOS).
  • Attachments: pdf, png and jpg file can be uploaded and visualized with each scene.
  • Smart Scene switch: no sound interruption when switching scene with software and hardware instruments (*when the feature is supported by the hardware).
  • MIDI generic items to manage all hardware device not yet supported with a smart map.
  • MIDI advanced items with SysEx playback feature.
  • Custom User maps to organize and recall with ease MIDI generic and advanced items.
  • Smart MIDI port management: set a controller input as a default or replace with another in all songs. No need to use aliases, just plug and unplug your instruments and controllers.
  • Tempo sync: MIDI Clock and tempo messages to sync compatible hardware and software instruments.
  • External Controller mapping for remote control: switch song, switch scene, tap tempo, panic, GUI navigation, select setlist, select song, select scene.
  • Backup and Restore feature across different device: backup file can be loaded into another device / operating system keeping the same setup (plugin not available on the destination device will not be loaded).
  • MPE quick setup for multi part instruments: Camelot allows to select a sound preset with ease from a multi part hardware instrument and replicates it to the other MIDI channels with the same pitch bend range and level.
  • Windows system requirements: Windows 10.
  • macOS system requirements: macOS 10.10 or greater.
  • iOS requirements: iOS 11 or greater.

Price and availability

Camelot has been launched on December 12, with an early adopters promo that provides for free the Attachment module (that will be sold as an optional in-app purchase after adding more features):

  • Windows and macOS: 99 USD / EUR.
  • iPad: 18.99 USD / 20.99 EUR.

A Free version is available for Windows and macOS and is limited to 10 items (instruments and attachment that can be used, no limits on the number of songs or scenes).




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