Autodafe has released his VCV Rack Modules Pack, which contains several additional Modules for the Open Source Modular Synth VCV Rack.

At the moment the available modules are:

  • LFO with CV input with attenuator control, Normal/Slow control and different Waveforms.
  • A Clock Divider Module with 2,4,8,16, 32 Divisions.
  • Simple but handy 1x8 and 2x8 Multiples
  • 8-Steps Sequencer (This is Exactly the same as the fundamentals SEQ3, but Gates don't "fuse" into one another.
  • 16-Steps Sequencer (Just like the 8-Steps but with 16...).
  • A Fixed Filter Bank, with 8 controls for frequencies ranging from 62.5 Hz to 8kHz.
  • A Foldback Distortion unit, with CV control and attenuator.
  • A Bitcrusher Module, to reduce signal to 8-, 4-, 2-bits and reduce sample rate.

Download it here. It's free (donations are appreciated).



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